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"Possible Arsenic-Contamination-Free Groundwater Source in Bangladesh," summary of presentation by Dipankar Chakraborti on 12 February 2001 at Dhaka Community Hospital.

The use of alternative safe water options to mitigate the arsenic problem in Bangladesh: a community perspective. Md. Jakariya.  M.Sc. Thesis, Department of Geography, University of Cambridge,  31 August.

Arsenic sections of Draft Development Strategy of the National Water Management Plan [Bangladesh, Aug 2000]


Possible Arsenic Contamination Free Groundwater Source In Bangladesh.  D. Chakraborti*, B. K. Biswas, G.K. Basu, U.K. Chowdhury, T. Roy Chowdhury, D. Lodh, C.R. Chanda, B. K. Mandal, G. Samanta, A. K. Chakraborti, M. M. Rahman, K. Paul, S. Roy, S. Kabir, B. Ahmed, R. Das, M. Salim, Q. Quamruzzaman.  Journal of Surface Science and Technology, Vol. 15, Nos. 3-4, 179-187. 

Message from Dr. Dipankar Chakraborti, Jadavpur University, Calcutta [29 Dec 99].  An update on recent field work and a plea for the arsenic-affected.


Executive Summary, Main Report Phase I, Groundwater Studies of Arsenic Contamination in Bangladesh. [1998]

Data on arsenic concentrations at wells sampled by BGS during the "Groundwater studies for arsenic contamination in Bangladesh." 2024 records.  Two self-extracting zip versions of this file:  (1) Excel worksheet (.xls, 208kb) or (2) database format (.dbf, 112kb).]  Data is also available as an uncompressed 475kb .dbf file directly from BGS [I was unable to read this file  with MS-Access; so before downloading you may want to set your browser's application preferences to "save to disk" for files of type .dbf, then read it with MS-Excel.]  Each record contains: RIP_No, BGS_No, Longitude, Latitude, Geocode, District, Thana, Union, Mouza, Year_Const, Well_Type, Date_Sampl, Depth_Ft, Geol_Unit, Lithology, Provenance, Ast_Mg/L. 

Terms of reference for technical assistance, Bangladesh Arsenic Mitigation - Water Supply  Project (BAMWSP) [1998] (scanned unofficial version)..

UNICEF Bangladesh brochure in Bengali [scanned]  [1998]

Arsenic poisoning of Bangladesh groundwater, 1998.  Ross Nickson, John McArthur, William Burgess, Kazi Matin Ahmed, Peter Ravenscroft, Mizanur Rahman. Nature 395, 338. This is an HTML version (29k total for text + linked graphics) republished here permission Nature. 

Village health workers can test tubewell water for arsenic [1998].  Article by BRAC, a Bangladeshi development organisation, describes its programme of village-based health workers carrying out large scale testing campaigns of tubewell water. 

The Need for an International Data Base for Arsenic, Feb 1998.  Text of the talk given by Richard Wilson, D. Phil, Harvard University at:  International Conference on Arsenic Pollution of Ground Water in Bangladesh: Causes Effects and Remedies.

Proceedings of the International Workshop on Arsenic Problem and Water Resource Management in Bangladesh [December 98].  Conference organized by Dhaka Community Hospital & Emergency Arsenic Programme of the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare (HFW). Includes results from the 200 villages covered by the Emergency Arsenic Mitigation Programme (Rapid Action Programme - RAP) implemented by DCH.

List of conference papers and selected abstracts from the International Conference on Arsenic Pollution of Ground Water in Bangladesh: Causes, Effects, and Remedies.  [8-12 February 1998].  Conference organized by Dhaka Community Hospital & School of Environment Environment Studies, Jadavpur University, Calcutta. 

Paper for the Feb 1998 Dhaka conference by Dr. Aftab Alam Khan, Geohazard Research Group, Geology Dept, Dhaka University.


Recommendations for action - arsenic in drinking water and resulting arsenic toxicity in India and Bangladesh, 1997.  This report is the output of the WHO Regional consultation in May 1997 at New Delhi.  HTML version presented here was scanned from the WHO printed booklet.  [The WHO library now has a scanned version.]  

Arsenic articles from The Daily Star Internet Edition archives, 17 Jul 97 to 20 Dec 97.  These articles were selected and provided to ACIC by The Daily Star. This selection of arsenic articles is provided here, because though the DS full archives are available online, they are not currently searchable. 

Arsenic Special Issue, Bangladesh Centre for Advance Studies Newsletter, Jan-Mar 1997, Vol. 8 No.  1. 


Arsenic in ground water in six districts of West Bengal, India, 1996.  Dipankar Das, Gautam Samanta, Badal Kumar Mandal, Tarit Roy Chowdhury, Chitta Ranjan Chanda, Partha Pratim Chowdhury, Gautam Kumar Basu and Dipankar Chakraborti. Environmental Geochemistry & Health 18, 5-15. This is an HTML version (415k total for text + linked graphics) republished here permission EGH.   


Paper for the 1995 Calcutta conference by Dr. Aftab Alam Khan, Geohazard Research Group, Geology Dept, Dhaka University.

Sylvia Mortoza Articles

Seven articles by Sylvia Mortoza, most have been published in the Bangladesh press:

  1. Arsenic contamination - searching for solutions - 1997
  2. Arsenic contamination - who will be our saviour? 1997
  3. Now that time is fast running out - 2001
  4. Arsenic revisited - 2002
  5. Arsenic contamination - points for consideration - 1997
  6. Arsenic contamination - too formidable a foe 2001
  7. Arsenic - alarm warning!
  8. Arsenic reducing techniques & unwarranted hurdles - 14 Jan 03
  9. Arsenic poisoning - a national and personal tragedy - 17 Feb 03

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Wilson:  Need for an Intl Database  for Arsenic - 15 Feb 98
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Paper List & Selected Abstracts, Dhaka Feb 1998 Conf
WHO:  Recommendations for Action
Daily Star: Arsenic Crisis Articles 17 Jul-20 Dec 1997
News From Bangladesh Articles - 11 Jan 2001 to present
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Das et al 1996:  Arsenic groundwater 6 dist W Bengal
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