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Arsenic in the Draft Development Strategy, National Water Management Plan 

DDS-NWMP publication details

Arsenic in the:

Summary Report
Main Report
Annex C, Section 6
Annex C, Appendix 8
Annex G
Annex L
Publication Details - NWMP Bangladesh 2000

List of Figures

Figure 3.3 - Probability of Arsenic Exceeding Threshold Values [map]

Water Quality [Arsenic, Iron, Hardness] with Depth [bar graph]

Figure 6.1 - Occurrence of Arsenic in Groundwater in Bangladesh [map]

C8.3.2 Comparison of DPHE and BGS [Arsenic] Analyses [xy graph]

C8.3.3 [Arsenic] Contamination with Depth, DPHE and BGS Data [xy graph]

C8.3.4 No of Tests vs. Proportion Proving Positive [xy graph]

C8.3.1:Probability of Arsenic Exceeding Threshold Values [map]

C8.3.2: Arsenic in Wells with Depth Greater than 200m [map]

C8.3.3 : Depth Distribution of Arsenic in Groundwater [sketch diagram]

Figure 5.1: Occurrence of Arsenic Contaminated Groundwater [map]

Figure 3.1: Maps of Arsenic Contamination

List of Tables

Table C8.3.5 Arsenic Occurrence in Groundwater by Depth of Well

Table C8.5.1. Estimated Population Exposed to Arsenic in Drinking Water

Table C.8.7.1 Arsenic Analyses from Irrigated Rice Production in Faridpur

Table C8.7.2 : Summary of Groundwater Quality Baseline Survey


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