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Proceedings in Brief

International Workshop on Arsenic Problem and Water Resource Management in Bangladesh - 14th & 15th December 1998

Organized by Dhaka Community Hospital

Technical Sessions

Session 1 Papers

  • Contamination of arsenic in Bangladesh - update
  • Dr. Shibtosh Roy
  • Emergency arsenic program
  • Dr. AZM Iftikhar Hussain
  • Lessons Learned from Emergency Arsenic Mitigation Activities
  • Dr. Abul Hasnat Milton
  • Mr. SMA Rashid
  • Safe water options: answer to arsenic crisis
  • Mr. G. Nayeem Wahra

    Session 2 Papers

  • In quest of safe water for rural Bangladesh
  • Farid Uddin Ahmed Mia
  • Indigenous knowledge - water should be everybody's business
  • Dr. S. Sharma
  • The evaluation of the arsenator
  • Mr Walter Kosmus
  • Arsenic poisoning of ground water: a way to supply arsenic-free water to the community
  • Dr. Richard Anstiss
  • Coping with the environmental catastrophe in Bangladesh and possible assistance from Harvard University
  • Prof. R. Wilson
  • Arsenic contamination in Bangladesh
  • Mr. David Kinniburgh

    Session 3 Papers

  • Rain water harvesting
  • Dr. Hassina Momtaj
  • Arsenic crisis in Bangladesh- suggestion to combat the situation
  • Dr. Dipankar Chakraborti
  • Linking epidemiology to arsenic mitigation in Bangladesh
  • Dr. Tony Fletcher
  • A dose-response and susceptibility investigation of skin keratoses and hyperpigmentation caused by arsenic in drinking water
    • Prof. Alan H. Smith


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