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Dhaka Feb 1998 Arsenic Conference Papers

Alphabetical by first author's last name

Abdulla , Mohamed, and M. Fatima Reis (France/Sweden): Probable Role of Nutrition on Arsenic Toxicity

Ahmed, K M, M B Imam, S H Akhter, M A Hasan, M M Alam, S Q Chowdhury, W G Burgess (Bangladesh): R Nickson, J J McArthur, M K Hasan, P Ravenscroft & M Rahman: Mechanism of Arsenic Release to Groundwater: Geochemical and Mineralogical Evidence

Ahmed, M. Feroze, M. Ashraf Ali, Md. Delwar Hossain (Bangladesh): Groundwater Treatment for Arsenic-Iron Removal

Alam, Md. Khurshid (Bangladesh): Probable Provenances of Arsenic in the Rocks, Sediments and Groundwater in Bangladesh and surrounding Areas

Ali, M. , S.K. Biswas and S.A. Tarafdar (Bangladesh): Arsenic Contamination of Groundwater in Bangladesh & Its Impact on HumanHealth - X-Ray Analytical Study

Bai, Fen-He (China): Arsenic Filter For Water Purification

Bennett, S. (Canada): RAISON For WINDOWS - A Software Tool for Integrated Environmental Information Analysis, Interpretation, and Display

Bhattacharya, Prosun, Maria Larsson, Andrea Leiss, Gunnar Jacks, Andre Sracek and Debashis Chatterjee (Sweden): Genesis of arseniferous groundwater in the alluvial aquifers of Bengal Delta Plains and strategies for low-cost remediation. [Abstract available at this site]

Bhattacharya, Prosun, Andre Sracek, and Gunnar Jacks (Sweden): Groundwater arsenic in Bengal Delta Plains - testing of hypotheses [Abstract available at this site]

Brown, Kenneth G. (USA): How to Determine a Safe Level of Arsenic in Drinking Water?

Chanda, Dr. Sanchoy Kumar (Bangladesh): Arsenic Toxicity In Drinking Water - A Public Health Problem in Bangladesh

Chatterji, Dipankar (India): Socioeconomic Dimension and Social Cost of Arsenic Toxicity

Chattopadhyay, Gautam, and David Waite (UK): Production Of Drinking Water From Arsenic Contaminated Ground Water In Developing Countries - Viability Of Biological Treatment

Choprapawon, Chanpen (Thailand): Chronic Arsenic Poisoning from Contaminated Surface Groundwater in Ronpibool District, Nakorn Srithammarat Province, Southern Thailand - The Importance of Political Commitment and Social Concern

Clifford, Dennis (USA): Treatment Options for Removing Arsenic from Drinking Water

Csanady M., Gulyas E., and Rudnai P. (Hungary): Adverse Effects Of Drinking Water Related Arsenic Exposure On Some Pregnancy Outcomes In Karcag, Hungary.

Das, M.C., A.K. Gangopadhyay, S.K. Chakraborly, B.Ghosh, A.Das, S.K.Chatterjee, N.N. Banerjee and K.S. Naraslmhan (India): Arsenic Mobilisation from Coal Fired Power Plants, Consequent Environmental Impact and an Apprisal of Potential Remedies

Evans, S., J. Cusick and P. Sasieni (UK): Medicinal Arsenic, Keratoses and Bladder Cancer

Fukuda , Munehir, Shoji Nakamura, Janewit Nongsanoon, Sukanya Boonchalermkit, Sutiab Srilachai, Ronald Klusman (Japan): A Novel Soil Gas Technique Applied To An Arsenic Contaminated Area Of Ron Phibun, Southern Thailand

Ghatuary, R. K. (India): Arsenic is one of the deadliest poisonous chemicals now found in the entire region of West Bengal

Ghose, M.K., and N.C. Saxena (India): Water quality criteria with specific reference to arsenic in coal mining areas of India

Gupta, Anirban, Amal K. Datta, Pratip Bandyopadhyay, Ranjan K Biswas, and Swapan K.Roy (India): Development of appropriate arsenic removal units.

Hering, Janet G. (USA): Arsenic occurrence in U.S. drinking water - the cases of Los Angeles and Hanford, California

Hosszz, Szilard, and Giza Schalbert (Hungary): Arsenic content, arsenic exemption of the drinking water in Bikis County

Hotta, Nobuyuki (Japan): Some characteristic aspects in symptomatology among different endemic areas of arsenism

Huang, Huiliang, and Purnendu K. Dasgupta (USA): Electrochemical monitoring of arsenite and arsenate in water-a Promise of Inexpensive Field-Deployable Technology

Hung-Yi Chiou, Min-Li Wei, Chin-Hsiao Tseng, Yi-Hsiang Hsu, Yi-Hsiu Chien, Chien-Jen Chen (Taiwan): Arsenic & Health Effects - A Five-Year Follow-up Study Among 8102 Residents in a Newly Identified Arseniasis Endemic Area in Taiwan

Iliuhin, Alexander V. (Russia): Fluorescent Determination Of Arsenic In Drinking Water By "Fluorat-02"Analyzer

Jacobson, Gerry, and Trevor Graham (Australia): Review of Geological Factors and Processes in the Acidification of Eastern Australian Deltaic and Estuarine Sediments

Jain, Amita, and Richard H. Loeppert (USA): Arsenite and Arsenate Adsorption and Solubility Control in Oxide-Dominated Systems

Khan, A. Wadud, Sk. Akhtar Ahmad, M H Salim Ullah Sayed, Sk. Abdul Hadi,Manzurul Haque Khan, M.A. Jalil, Rukshana Ahmed, M.H. Faruquee (Bangladesh): Arsenic Contamination in Ground Water and its Effect on Human Health with Particular Reference to Bangladesh

Khan, Aftab Alam (Bangladesh): Geological Signatures of Arsenic Contamination in Groundwater vis-a-vis Approach for Mitigation [available online]

Khan, Mohiuddin (Bangladesh): Hydrogeological Investigatory Approach to Address Arsenic Pollution in Urban Groundwater Supply

Khoe, G.H., M.T. Emett and M. Zaw (Australia): Photo-Assisted Removal and Immobilisation of Arsenic from Water

Kosmus, W., Geiszinger A., Zheng J., Goessler W., Irgolic K.J. (Austria): Earthworms as Bioindicators for Arsenic in Soil

Kubota, Yoshihiro (Japan): Geologic Distribution of Arsenic - Possibility of Arsenic Origin in Contaminated Ground Water

Kulkarni, S.W., and Deshmukh, A.M. (India): Arsenic Resistant Soil Actinomycetes

Lai-Chu See, Hung-Yi Chiou, Jiahn-Shng Lee, Yu-Mei Hsueh, Yu-Sung Liang,Sing Kai Lo, Shu-Mei Lin, Ken-Kuo Lin, Ming-Chang Tu, Meng-Ling Yang,Chien-Jen Chen (Taiwan): Determinants of Various Types of Cataract Among Residents in an Arseniasis-Endemic Area of Taiwan

Leonardi, Giovanni S., Paul Elliott, Iain Thornton, Margaret Farago, Chris Grundy, and Gavin Shaddick (UK): Arsenic Contamination and Bladder Cancer in South West England: A Geographical Study

Liang Xiu-Fen, Ma Liang, Zhang Ge-You, IIe Xiang-Zhou, Dai Qin, Zhang Mei-Yun, Zhou Zhen-Rong (China): The Historical Cohort Study of High-Arsenic in Drinking Water and Lung Cancer on the West Area of Huhhot in Inner Mongolia

Luo Zhen-Dong, Zhou Zhen-Rong, Zhang Yu-min, Zhao Bing- Cheng, Dai Qin,Liang Xiu-Fen, Xie Yu-Huan, Ren Xian- yun, Zhang Pei-Qun, Zhung Mei-Yun, Zhang Ge-You (China): High Arsenic Concentration Subtranean Water of Inner Mongolia, China,Distributing, Characteristic and Health Effect

Macy, Joan. M. and Dixon, David R. (Australia): Rapid Transformation of the Most Toxic Form of Arsenic, Arsenite, toArsenate, by New Arsenite-oxidizing Bacteria - Assuring Maximal Arsenic Removal from Water via Adsorbents (e.g., Iron Hydroxide).

Mondal, A., and S. Maity (India): A Report on Low Cost On-Spot Arsenic Detection in Tubewell Water Conducted by Breakthrough Science Society in West Bengal, India

Mridha, Shahidullah (Bangladesh): Geohydrochemical Source of Arsenic Contamination in Bangladesh

Munir, A.K.M., S.B.Rasul, N.Ahmed, S.Washe, M.Khaliquzzaman, A.Hussam and A.H.Khan, (Bangladesh): On Analytical Aspects of Arsenic In Groundwater - an Electrochemical Approach

Naidu, R. (Australia): Remediation of Arsenic Contaminated Soils - A Review

Natarajan, A.T. (The Netherlands): Genetic Effects of Arsenic

Ng, Jack C., Sharon M. Kratzmann, Lixia Qi, Michael R. Moore, Hugh Crawley and Barry Chiswell (Australia): Bioavailability and Risk Assessment of Arsenic Contaminated Sites From Anthropogenic and Geological Origins in Australia

Nikolaidis, N.P., J.A. Lackovic, G. Dobbs (USA): Arsenic Remediation Technology (AsRT) for Ground Water - Field Demonstration

Nordstrom, D. Kirk (USA): Geochemistry of the Arsenic-Pyrite Connection and Biogeochemical Processes Leading to Arsenic Mobility in Natural Waters

Paknikar, Dr. K.M. (India): Potential Application of Microbiological Processes for the Removal of Arsenic from Groundwater

Pateria, Ashish, and Subodh Kumar Jain (India): Remediation of Arsenic Contaminated Aquatic Fauna Through Biogeochemical Means

Rahman, Mahfuzar, Martin Tondel, Olav Axelson (Sweden): Diabetes Mellitus and Arsenic Exposure - Results of Three EpidemiologicalStudies.

Rahman, Md. Mizanur, and Mizanur Rahman (Bangladesh): Arsenic Contamination Source Detection for Hazard Mitigation

Ravenscroft , Peter, Kazi Matin Ahmed, Jan van Wonderen, and others (Bangladesh): Estimation of the Population Affected by Arsenic Contaminated Groundwater in Bangladesh

Ren Xian Yun, Zhan Yu Min, Zhang Ge You, Zhou Zhen Rong (China): Peripheral Visual Affected by High Arsenic Drinking Water

Ren Xian Yun, Zhou Zhen Rong, Luo Zheng Dong, Zhang Yu-min, Dai Qin Liangxiu Feng, Zhang Mei Yun (China): Water Quality Analysis of Arsenic Poisoning in Huhhot

Safiullah, S. , A. Sarker , A. Zahid, and S.Z. Haider (Bangladesh): Geochemical Mapping and Speciation of Arsenic in the Groundwater of Faridpur Municipality

Safiullah, S., and A.K. Sarkar (India): Removal of Arsenic by Modified Laterite Clay-Fe2 O2 and MnO2 Composite

Saha, J.C., A. K. Dikshit, and M. Bandyopadhyay (India): A Simplified Method for Removal of Arsenic from Groundwater

Sancha, Ana María (Chile): Technology to Supply Safe Water to Arsenic Affected Areas in Chile

Satayavivad, J., and C. Chaopanitwet (Thailand): Arsenic-Induced Alterations of Adrenoceptor Responses in Rats

Satayavivad, J., and C. Chaopanitwet (Thailand): Reversal of Arsenic Induced Decreased Tracheal And Cardiac Muscarinic Response By Dimercaprol

Sengupta, Arup K. (USA): Well-Head Treatment Units for Arsenic Removal in Remote Villages

Singh, R. N., and K.P. Singh (India): Remote Sensing Study Of Arsenic Polluted Groundwater

Smedley, P. L. , D. G. Kinniburgh, and M. Hussain (UK): Arsenic Distribution and Mobility in Groundwaters from Chapai Nawabganj,Western Bangladesh

Smith A.H., Biggs M.L., Haque R. Hopenhayn-Rich C. (USA): The Significance of Arsenic in Drinking Water - Carcinogenicity and Human Health

Suenaga, Kazyuki (Japan): Action Plan of RGAG against Arsenic Problem

Talukder, Siddique Amin, Amit Chatterjee, Jian Zheng , and Walter Kosmus (Austria/Bangladesh): Studies of Drinking Water Quality and Arsenic Calamity in Ground Water of Bangladesh

Tarafdar, Dr. S.A. (Bangladesh): Arsenic Contamination in Ground Water of Bangladesh: Analytical Aspects

Ullah, Shah M. (Bangladesh): Arsenic Contamination of Ground Water and Irrigated Soils of Bangladesh

Vahter, Marie (Sweden): Exposure to Arsenic During Early Human Development

Welch, Alan H. (USA): Arsenic in Ground Water of the United States - Processes Leading toWidespread High Concentrations

Wilson, Richard (USA): The Need for an International Data Base for Arsenic (text online).

Xiaoying , Yu, Hong Qinglin, Li Wenzheng, Zheng Baoshan, Lu Fengzhou, Huang Tianxiang, Liu Conggui (Inner Mongolia, China): A Study on Mutation Caused by Humic Acid Samples Collected from Various Arsenosis-Affected Areas in Taiwan and Mainland China


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