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This Univ. Cambridge (UK) 2000 M.Sc. thesis of Mr. Md. Jakariya looked the causes for different responses of two different villages to arsenic contamination of groundwater used drinking.  In one of the villages, 85% of residents were consuming arsenic-safe water, either treated or from alternative sources.  In the other village, over 80% of residents continued to consume arsenic-contaminated water.  The difference in  response in the two village was found to be be related to differences in practical evidence of arsenic toxicity (ie the number of arsenic-affected patients) in the village and differences in difficulty of obtaining alternative water supplies.

This 2000 study by Dr. Bennett looked at available maps and historical statistics for the Red River Basin of land use, population, infrastructure, etc., and discussed the land use and water resources management implications related to urbanization, population growth, explosive groundwater development, the pressing need for poverty alleviation, etc.

Nickson R. et al. (1998) Nature 395, pp 338.  Nickson's M.Sc. research project while at University College London.

Bennett and Nguyen Thai Lai, 1996.  In: Reaching the Unreached - Challenges for the 21st Century, 22nd Water Engineering & Development Centre (WEDC) Conference, New Delhi India 1996, pp31-33.

This 1995 study characterized the wetland biodiversity of northeast Bangladesh (including identification of wetlands meeting Ramsar Convention criteria for international significance),  presented a strategic analysis, and proposed a number of wetland management initiatives for stakeholder consideration.

This 1994 IEE evaluated the potential impacts of the Plan and the Plan project portfolio -- which included both structural and non-structural measures -- following FPCO and Canadian guidelines for IEE and for multi-criteria analysis.

Bennett, Rahman & Huq, 1991.  In: Proceedings, Asian Farming Systems Research/Extension Symposium, 19 - 23 November 1991, Asian Institute of  Technology, Bangkok. 

Islam and Bennett, 1998. In: Proceedings, 10th European Weed Research Society Symposium on Aquatic Weeds 1998, Lisbon.

This unpublished 1989 paper was the basis for a 1990 Asian Wetland News article.  ERIP was eventually revised, and became a case study used for environmental training by the Government of Nepal. 

McCartney, Bennett, and Woodgate-Jones, 1991, J. Phys. Oceanogr., 21, 1089-1121. 

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