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Water environment and water resources books

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Water environment and water resources books

 Water environment and water resources books

Best Management Practices for Irrigated Agriculture & the Environment
Schaack & Anderson (eds.) U.S. Committee Irrigation (March 1998)
Clean Water-Clean Environment-21st Century: Team Agriculture-Working to Protect Water Resources
Am. Soc. Ag. Eng. (1995) 
Common Sense and Other Heresies: Selected Papers on Hydrology and Water Resources Engineering.  Canadian Water Resources Association volume of twenty papers by  Dr. Vit Klemes, arguably the best known Canadian  authority on hydrology and water resources engineering.  Paper topics include:  philosophy of hydrologic modelling, frequency analysis of floods and droughts, risk analysis and analysis of geophysical time series. The final chapter, "Climate Change and Impact," brings together all these themes.  
Compendium of Educational Materials on the Water Environment
Alliance for Environmental Education Inc., Terri Talas (illustrator) (1992)
Occurrence & Pathways of Lead, Mercury, Cadium & Arsenic in the Environment: Scope 31
Hutchinson &Meema (Eds.) 1987
Water Development & the Environment
James et al. Lewis Publishers (1992)

Water environment and water resources books

International Development Books International development books

    Under construction!

Water environment and water resources books

Asia books Books on Asia and related topics

Lonely Planet Bangladesh '96: Travel Survival Kit Lonely Planet (1996)
Teach Yourself Bengali: A Complete Course for Beginners by William Radice (1994) SOAS
Culture Shock!: Successful Living Abroad - a Wife's Guide by Robin Pascoe
The Rise and Fall of the British Empire The Rise & Fall of British Empire Lawrence James, St Martin's Press, (Aug 1997)

Water environment and water resources books

Directory of Water Organizations Water environment and water resources links

Metalist: list of lists (others' hotlists + specialized search engines)

United Nations Environment Programme Global Resource Information Database
Directory of Organizations and Institutes Active In Environmental Monitoring
Environmental agencies on the Web - World Bank NIPR's list of EA's around the world that are using public Internet sites
Environmental Organization Web Directory
Yahoo! - /Society_and_Culture/Environment_and_Nature/Water_Resources/

Water environment organizations, programmes, standards, consulting firms


CIESIN - Centre International Earth Science Information Network
International Joint Commission - established in 1909 to assist the U.S. and Canada in decisions regarding the lakes and waterways that lie along and between the two countries.
Interwater - Guide to sources of information about water and sanitation in developing countries ... maintained by a group of water and sanitation partner institutions under the auspices of the Water Supply and Sanitation Collaborative Council.
International Network of Basin Organizations. - network of organizations interested in river basin management
International Network on Water, Environment and Health of The United Nations University - New member of the U.N. University organization created in 1996 with core funding from the Government of Canada. Objectives are to strengthen developing and other countries' water management capacities to provide on-the-ground project support, .with minimal overhead and flexibility to assemble multi-disciplinary multi-national teams to meet a given need
IRN - International Rivers Network
Monitoring and Research Programmes
Ramsar Convention Bureau
Water Environment Federation - Not-for profit technical and educational organization, founded in 1928 and based in Virginia USA. Goal is to preserve and enhance global water environment, members number more than 41,000 water quality professionals and specialists from around the world (engineers, scientists, government officials, utility and industrial managers and operators, academics, educators and students, equipment manufacturers and distributors, etc)
Wetland International - Africa Europe Middle East

Asia & Middle East

Middle East Water Information Network
Mekong Committee
South-East Asian Deltas Research & Reference Site
At this site:  Thailand:  Chao Phraya delta, water pricing for irrigation
Wetlands International Indonesia Programme
Wetlands International Asia-Pacific
UNDP in India 


Cooperative Research Centre for Freshwater Ecology - Canberra - The Centre exists to provide the ecological basis for the sustainable management of Australian temperate region surface waters.


Alberta Environmental Protection
Alberta Research Council - AB Environment Centre (Vegreville) is now under ARC.  No environment home page at the ARC website, unfortunately, but see the site map for water environment related pages.
British Columbia Ministry of Environment, Lands, & Parks - Water Quality Branch
Canadian Water Resources Association
Environment Canada
Federal Environmental Assessment in Canada
northwest hydraulic consultants
National Water Research Institute, Ontario Canada
Natural Resources Canada
Roche ltée - Groupe-conseil PQ
Water Resources Engineering, University of Alberta  

United States

Agency Toxic Substances Disease Registry (US)
California EPA Home Page
Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, UC Berkeley
National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences - outstanding institute for research on environment-related diseases
National Rural Water Association - America's largest utility membership association serving over 18,000 water and wastewater utilities
Society for Risk Analysis - multidisciplinary international open forum for anyone interested in risk analysis
PRISM-USA Duckweed Clearinghouse
US Army Corps of Engineers Hydrologic Engineering Centre
US Department of Agriculture
USEPA Office of Water


BALLERINA - Baltic Sea region on-line environmental information resources for Internet access. "The place to go when you seek information on the Baltic Sea Region, have information to provide, or wish to communicate with others in the region." Pretty cool site and what an acronym! (acronym wanna-be?)
Danish Hydraulic Institute - research and consulting organisation developing and applying advanced methods and technologies within hydraulic and water resources engineering.
European Environment Agency
Institute of Irrigation Studies, University of Southampton
Institute of Inland Water Mgmt. Waste Water Treatment Netherlands (RIZA)
IHE-Delft - International Institute for Infrastructural, Hydraulic and Environmental Engineering, The Netherlands. Leading institute for international postgraduate education, playing an important role in the development of human resources in the environmental, water and transportation sectors
IRC International Water & Sanitation Centre, The Hague, The Netherlands
Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI) - international institute for environmental technology & management
WEDC - Water, Engineering & Development Centre, Loughborough University of Technology
Welcome to IHGE

Water quality related

New Ideas in Pollution Regulation - Primary source for materials produced by the World Bank's Economics of Industrial Pollution Control Research Project
Water Quality Branch, British Columbia Ministry of Environment, Lands & Parks
Canadian Water Quality Guidelines
International Association on Water Quality
World Health Organization water quality publications

Laboratory equipment

Environmental Organization WebDirectory - Water Resources:Environmental Water Products
Perkin Elmer

Water environment and water resources books

Directory of Development Organizations International development links

Hotlists + specialized search engines


Information sources

British Library DEVLINE: DEVelopment information service onLINE - web site offering up to date tenders and contract news on water projects in the developing regions.  
International Development Network
Institute for Global Communications (IGC) - nonprofit organization providing alternative information for progressive individuals and organizations working on peace, economic and social justice, human rights, environmental protection, labor issues and conflict resolution.. Outgrowth of PeaceNet, founded in Palo Alto CA in 1986.
World Times/WorldPaper - fresh perspectives on key global issues of the day that transcend national boundaries

UN organizations

Yahoo! - Government:International Organizations:United Nations
FAO - Food and Agriculture Organization
IFAD - International Fund for Agricultural Development
UNICEF - United Nations Children's Fund
UNDP - United Nations Development Programme
UNESA - United Nations Economic and Social Development
UNESCO - United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization
UNOPS - United Nations Office of Project Services
WHO - World Health Organization

Donor agencies


ADB - Asian Development Bank
EBRD - European Bank for Reconstruction and Development
The World Bank


CIDA - Canadian International Development Agency
JICA - Japan International Cooperation Fund
USAID - US Agency for International Development


CARE International - Cooperative for Assistance and Relief Everywhere
IISD - International Institute for Sustainable Development

Water environment and water resources books

Bangladesh NGOs Bangladesh links

International community information

Bangladesh International Community News


Bangladesh Agrosanitation Project Report 1
Bangladesh Centre for Advanced Studies
Dhaka Community Hospital
Local Government Engineering Department
Salvation Army Bangladesh - Tran Sena


Water environment and water resources books

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