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Bangladesh on the Web

Know a link that should appear here? Please email it to

**UNDP Bangladesh **


** American Muslims' Internet News Publication **

Since May 1999, of Santa Clara, California, has been providing an American Muslim perspective on world issues. focuses on issues of importance to Muslims from an American Muslim perspective. According to editor Ali Asadullah, the goal is to "add balance, objectivity and fairness to an otherwise homogenous American media pool." Visit their website at

** Centre for the Rehabilitation of the Paralyzed (Dhaka) ** 

** Islamic Institute of Technology (Dhaka) **

** Association of Muslim Scientists and Engineers **

**'s Global Intelligence Updates **

If you like geopolitical analysis type things, you'll like's Global Intelligence Updates. Lots & lots on India-Pakistan, the Balkans, oil pipelines through the Caucasus, Russia-Chechnya, you name it. Sometimes it seems like they're hyperventilating a little, but it's always thought provoking and reality-based. (No delusional conspiracy theory stuff for me, thanks.) Subscribe at  [This used to be free, now it's about USD50 a year or USD6 a month.]

** Bangladesh High Commission in Australia Website **


** IslamOnLine ** 

To subscribe, e-mail, with SUBSCRIBE in the subject line and body of the message.

** More Bangladesh Newspapers Online **

One in English & two in Bengali (thanks to Javed Hosein, Cornell Univ. for sending this in):  - Bangla daily newspaper  - English daily newspaper  - Bengali magazine covering politics, culture, entertainment

Scanner is an email newsletter edited by Tanweer Akram that lists Bangladesh-related events and information of interest to economists, scholars, professionals, and advanced graduate students. To subscribe to Scanner, email ta63@columbia  . Selected Scanner items:

Samachar is the magazine of the Bangladesh People's Solidarity Center, Netherlands. Email bpsc@xs4all 

**Bengali Online Galore** 

For all you banglaphones (anglophone, francophone, why not ... if it's not a word it should be):

"If you are interested in the Bengali language, Bengali oriented research, Calcutta, West Bengal and India; then the information in this message will help you to get a lot of Bengali material on the web. Bengalnet Communications ( ) - now has a popular all Bengali newspaper on the net and is offering daily news updates in Bengali. 

For an all Bengali Daily Newspaper with auto Bengali font installation into your browser. No installation hassles!: 

For an archive of Real Audio Bengali Music and Audio On Demand - the first of its kind on the web. Participate in our "Anurodher Aashor" and request us to upload a Bengali Song of your choice !!!) 

Along with the Bay Area Prabasi of San Francisco,  we are proud to announce the official partnership of Bengalnet Communications and San Francisco Bay Area Prabasi with the starting of a new, efficient and competitive gift service to Calcutta at very reasonable prices, with innovative new gift items. Please visit: 

To send gifts to your friends and family in Calcutta and suburbs. Also you can send Bengali emails to your family through us. You can also use our services to get a "Video Email" of your family through the Internet !! (in Real Media)."

**St Martin's Island Web Page** 

SEA-NJ, the local NGO of St Martin's Island, now has a web page at . As announced in BICN previously, they offer ecotours of the island and have a guesthouse there.

JVK Naga International Movers' new Bangladesh office has graciously agreed to sponsor the BICN web site for the next six months. JVK is a foreign-owned and operated international moving and packing company that is now fully operational in Bangladesh. They provide international door-to-door removal services by air and sea, and local moves and storage, utilizing quality imported materials, all work done under an expatriate supervisor. For free moving advice or a quotation, contact Paul Sutton or Jamer Aguilar at email , or tel/fax 880-2-988-2749. The JVK Bangladesh office is located in Banani at House 30 Road 20, Block K.

** News from Bangladesh http://  **

I recently met the editor of the online News from Bangladesh (NFB-Global Amitech), Tanvir Chowdhury. He explained that while there are lots of Bangladesh news websites these days, NFB is unique for its focus on interactive news - fostering dialogue and discussion of news and issues among site visitors.

In addition to interactive news and providing complete daily news coverage, NFB also has more of an advocacy flavor than a regular newspaper website, with links (online and off) to organizations like LEARN and Bangladesh Environmental Network. I visited the site and was very impressed - I shall return. Highly recommended.

** Lost on the Web? **

Try these new Bangladesh- and Asia-oriented search engine and directory sites:  - A yahoo-like all-Asia directory. Seems reasonably fast.  - Also yahoo-like, the ultimate Bangladesh directory; they claim. Medium-fast but the listings are automatically generated, so there's that lots-of-low-quality-listings feel.  - South Asia oriented. Appears to be very commercial, graphics-heavy, and slow. The Bollywood/Gossip category might be fun though!

** Political Web **

The first Bangladesh political party on the Internet is  (at least that's the claim). The Jamaat-E-Islaami also has a website, at . The site is subtitled Law of Allah and Rule of the Honest. The latter would be a tall order for any political party in any country in the world, no?

** Environmental Web **

Bangladesh Environmental Network unites resident and non-resident Bangladeshis and interested foreigners in their efforts to protect the environment of Bangladesh. Visit their website at  

** European Network of Bangladesh Studies - Now Online **

Finally! ... I've been looking for this one for a while: 

In the real world (for those of you that "do" real world!), their contact info is Mr. Mark Ellison, Department of Economics & International Development, University of Bath, BA2 7AY, UK, fax +44 (0)1225 323423, email .

** Bangladesh's Dedicated Web Portal **

A BGD website featured in an international publication! The publication Weekly Infoworld featured 

in its Sept 13 1999 issue, on page 60D. I visited, it's is a pretty fancy website, design-wise. English & Bangla versions. Thanks to Tanvir Chowdhury at News from Bangladesh for this item - NFB is interactive Bangladesh news, at


** PCWorld Bangladesh **

Did you know that the international computer magazine PCWorld is published simultaneously in Bangladesh and the USA? It's published by Information Services Network under license from International Data Group of Boston. Naturally it's got a lot of ads by local computer hardware and software vendors, so it's pretty handy when need to you buy something of that ilk. Plus of course it's got the usual PCWorld content. It comes out monthly, for Tk40 at the newsstand. It's probably possible to subscribe with the publisher in the "normal" fashion - I've not tried that yet. See their website at  .

** Meghbarta **

Meghbarta is a new Bangla-English bilingual webzine. The first issue is online right now, and I found it quite intriguing. Topics and viewpoints range from provocative to sensationalistic.  

** CIMMYT Website **

Interested in the 1999 Wheat Research Centre's Research Results? Please visit the CIMMYT Bangladesh home page, updated August 1999: 

** New Rep Office in Dhaka for Bumrungrad Hospital (Bangkok) **

Bumrungrad Hospital is the largest private hospital in South East Asia - 554 beds in a one million square foot facility in downtown Bangkok. First open in 1980, the hospital treats 600,000 patients a year, including 160,000 international patients, including over 6,000 Bangladeshis. Bumrungrad is internationally recognized, the first in Thailand to gain both ISO 9002 certification and H.A. Thailand accreditation using US and Canadian hospital standards. The hospital is American-managed and staffed by over 600 medical specialists, consultants and dentists, many with European or United States certification. For more information on Bumrungrad visit their web site at 

Bumrungrad Hospital has appointed Hema Healthcare Services as its Bangladesh representative. Contact info: Dr. Imam Hossain or Dr. M.M. Islam, tel 913-2080, healthcare@bangla .

There is a new online club for "Bengali culture lifestyle, language, & cuisine", have a look at: 



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