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The Journal of Bangladesh Studies (JBS) is a new journal on development issues relating to Bangladesh. JBS is co-sponsored by the Bangladesh Development Initiative (BDI) and the Association for Economic and Development Studies (AEDSB) on Bangladesh. JBS invites articles from experts in different areas. Both short communications (about 2000 words, eg analysis of recent developments, short book/article reviews, expert comment on specific issues) and full-length articles are welcome. Each submission is blind reviewed; articles chosen for publication are not copyrighted. For full guidelines to contributors, subscriber information, etc., email Munir Quddus, Ph.D. Professor and Chair Dept. of Economics and Finance, University of Southern Indiana USA.

**MICRONEWS -- New Electronic Microfinance And Poverty Alleviation Ezine **

Another way to follow the WDR discussion (and related topics) is through MICRONEWS, a new electronic microfinance and poverty alleviation ezine from CARE Bangladesh, SANMFI and CDF. The MICRONEWS archives are at, or subscribe to the ezine (micronews99-subscribe@egroups. Editor Carlos Ani micronews99-owner@egroups.

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