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Wetland Specialist Study, Northeast Regional Water Management Plan, Bangladesh Flood Action Plan 6


Remarks in this section link the information provided by the Specialist Study with the final content of the Regional Plan.

Conceptualization of key wetland management initiatives was begun during the Specialist Study period, continued through the finalization of the Regional Plan, and was completed during preparation of prefeasibility studies. During this process, the wetlands theme came to be seen as but one facet of several broader concerns, for (a) biodiversity in both wetland and upland settings; (b) water quality management; and (c) development of flood- and erosion-affected villages.

Five of the Regional Plan's eight strategic thrusts include initiatives addressing these concerns. Initiatives which address wetland management are marked with an asterisk (*).

  • Thrust: Urban Infrastructure Protection and Development.
    • Initiatives (all included in NEMREP):

    • Regional Water Quality Characterization
      Industrial Pollution Abatement at Smaller Industrial Facilities
      Duckweed-Based Domestic Waste Treatment
  • Thrust: Integrated Development of the Deeply Flooded Area.
    • Initiative: Pulp and Paper Mill Effluent Treatment (in NEMREP)
  • Thrust: Biodiversity Enhancement and Sustainable Management.
    • Initiatives (all included in NEMREP):

    • Upland Biodiversity Conservation Studies and Implementation.
      Locally Based Management of Internationally Significant Wetlands.*
      Threatened Ecological Community Recovery Programme.*
      Recovery Plans for Threatened and Commercially Threatened Lowland Plant and Animal Species.*
  • Thrust: Liveability of Rural Settlements.
    • Initiatives:

    • Village Water Supply and Sanitation
      Village Afforestation (in FEAVDEP)*
  • Thrust: Institutional Strengthening and Development.
    • Initiatives (all in NEMREP):

    • Northeast Region Environmental Management, Research, and Education Centre.*
      Surface Water Quality Management Strategic Planning Exercise.*
      Biodiversity Strategic Planning Exercise for the Ministry of Environment and Forests.*
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