1. Pumping stations exist in the region. No new stations are proposed as part of the Regional PlanBack to text.

2. Closed December 1993. A new factory is planned for the site. Back to text.

3. Annual rainfall data at 51 stations for the years 1901-1991 was used (see Figure 9, Surface Water Resources of the Northeast Region Specialist Study. To investigate the variation over time of the rainfall pattern, each station's data was averaged in three 30-year bins (1901-1930, 1931-1960, 1961-1991) and three maps generated. The rainfall trend is estimated by a three point time series of the 30-year and 51-station annual rainfall mean. The variability trend was calculated by taking the standard deviation of each year's 51-station mean from the relevant 30-year 51-station mean.  Back to text.

4. As this report goes to press, the Kalni-Kushiyara River Improvement pre-feasibility study is being finalized, and the loss of irrigated area is now in doubt.  Back to text

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