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PETER RICHARD GUY, Environment Project Manager

Contact information
  • Bangladesh Environmental Management Project, Poribesh Bhaban, E-16, Agargaon, Shere Bangla Nagar, Dhaka, Bangladesh Tel +880 (11) 805-838; Fax +880 (2) 882-3516
  • Email: peterguy@doe-bd.org

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Postgraduate Fellowship, studies at Utah State University, Logan, Utah 1976-1977.

M.Sc. (Tropical Resource Ecology), University of Zimbabwe, Harare, Zimbabwe, 1974. 

B.Sc. (Honours), University of Natal, Pietermaritzburg, Natal, South Africa, 1969. 

B.Sc. (Botany), University of Natal, Pietermaritzburg, Natal, South Africa, 1968.


Research Grants: Team leader in 1985 and 1987 on a field project funded by Earthwatch, Watertown, Massachusetts. The research work combined fieldwork with high-resolution satellite imagery to assess how elephants and fire have changed the woodlands of conservation areas including game reserves in Zimbabwe. This program involved leading teams of volunteer workers in the field and instructing them in data collection and analytical techniques.


2000 - 2001 Canadian Operations Manager, Bangladesh Environmental Management Project, a consortium of ARA-KPMG, Halifax, and Resource Futures International, Toronto, Canada.

Mr. Guy led and managed the delivery of Canadian and Bangladeshi consulting services to the Bangladesh Environmental Management Project, a CAD 10.7 million Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA)-funded Project.  This capacity-building Project is based in the Department of Environment, Ministry of Environment and Forest and consists of seven technical components: 

  • Institutional Development and Planning
  • Policy and Regulatory Reform
  • Environmental Management Demonstration Projects
  • Environmental Initiatives Fund
  • Environmental Awareness
  • Resource Information Systems
  • Human Resource Development

As the senior Canadian field officer on the Project, Mr. Guy's activities included: 

  • Management and administration of direct Canadian inputs to the Project, including staffing, capital and equipment; 
  • Facilitation of equipment procurement within Bangladesh; 
  • Coordination, preparation and submission of annual and quarterly performance assessment reports, quarterly disbursement forecasts, monthly invoices; 
  • Annual and semi-annual work plans, using CIDA's Results-Based Management approach for reporting purposes; and
  • Coordination and liaison activities between all Project participants and stakeholders.  Duties included liaison with CIDA, BEMP field advisors and staff, and the Canadian High Commission.  He collaborated closely with the DOE Project Director in the management and administration of overall Project operations, and acted as an ex-officio member of the Project Management Steering Committee. 

Specific responsibilities:

  • Team Leader for the Institutional Planning and Development component, directing and coordinating with the Bangladeshi Project Director and Working Group all activities of this component, from review of the existing DOE institutional framework through to the design of new institutional and operational frameworks including a five-year strategic plan and annual tactical plans, to the development and delivery of training and performance measurement systems.
  • Team Leader for the Environmental Initiatives Fund Component, planning and coordinating with the Bangladeshi Project Director and Working Group all activities of this component, including design, promotion and implementation of the fund, selection of partners and training of DOE staff.
  • Providing administrative and Project participant liaison support to all other components of BEMP, both in a proactive sense as the COM and in a reactive sense on an as-needed basis when requested by individual component team leaders
  • Establishing and maintaining effective management, financial and administrative systems;
  • Ensuring efficient and effective communications between all team members, partner agencies, other donors and organizations;
  • Identifying, negotiating, contracting and managing Canadian and Bangladeshi consultants providing short term technical assistance to the Project; and
  • Leading the quarterly and annual budgeting, expenditure reporting and work planning and progress reporting processes. 

1996 - 1999 Canadian Project Manager, Vietnam-Canada Environment Project, a consortium of ESSA Technologies, Vancouver, and SNC-Lavalin, Montreal, Canada

Mr. Guy planned, implemented, and managed all in-country Project activities related to the three core components of this four-year CAD 10 million Canadian International Development Agency-funded Project: 

  1. Environmental monitoring, 
  2. Industrial pollution management
  3. Urban pollution management
  4. Environmental impact assessment. 

Vietnamese participation was coordinated by MOSTE ( Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment).  The key Vietnamese counterpart institutions were NEA (National Environment Agency), and the DOSTEs (Departments of Science, Technology and Environment) of Ha Noi, Hai Phong, and Da Nang cities, and of Binh Duong province. Project activities were concentrated in these four geographic areas and within the NEA. Other participants in the Project were the municipal/provincial People's Committees, the Ministry of Planning and Investment., the Ministry of Industry, the Ministry of Construction, and the Office of Government. 

Specific responsibilities included: 

  • Establishing and maintaining effective management, financial and administrative systems
  • Ensuring efficient and effective communications between all partner agencies, other donors and organizations relevant to the Project
  • Providing substantive, expert input to all three components of the Project
  • Arranging, participating in and recording all Project management meetings
  • Ensuring the integration of gender considerations in all elements of the Project
  • Identifying, negotiating, contracting and managing Canadian and Vietnamese consultants providing short term technical assistance to the Project
  • Leading the quarterly and annual budgeting, expenditure reporting and work planning and progress reporting processes
  • Assisting with internal Project reviews, evaluations, financial audits and monitoring
  • Identifying and reporting on opportunities for the second phase of the Project
  • Working closely with CIDA personnel and projects, and other ODA projects in Viet Nam.

1994 - 1995 Project Director, Philippines Environment and Resource Management Project, (Phase 2), School for Resource and Environmental Studies, Dalhousie University, Halifax, Canada 1989 - 1994 Project Team Leader for Phase 1

Mr. Guy was responsible for the development and delivery of substance, management and administrative services including budgeting, accounting and reporting; logistical, support and communication services; library services and publications; and general administration of two Canadian International Development Agency-funded linkage projects between Dalhousie University, Halifax, Canada, and the Institute of Environmental Science and Management (IESAM) of the University of the Philippines at Los Baņos (UPLB). 

These two Projects - Phase 1 with a budget of CAD 4.9 million and Phase 2 with a budget of CAD2.4 million -  were designed to strengthen environment and resource management in the Philippines, to enhance UPLB's contribution to environment and natural resource policy formulation and implementation and to promote linkages between Filipino and Canadian academic institutions for long term mutual benefit. 

Specific responsibilities included: 

  • Establishing and maintaining effective management and administrative systems including responsibility for all project financial management;
  • Supervising and working with the co-ordinators of the community-based resource management oriented development action programs and extension components, and co-ordinating the academic, policy advisory and environmental information management components;
  • Participating in the development and implementation of training workshops, seminars and IESAM's curricular development activities, including teaching environmental impact assessment (EIA) university level courses;
  • Developing policies and analysing policy issues by working closely with Government personnel at the national, provincial, municipal and community levels;
  • Recruiting and supervising project staff, Canadian advisors, faculty and students;
  • Leading the quarterly and annual budgeting, financial reporting and work planning processes;
  • Working closely with CIDA personnel and projects, and other ODA projects in the Philippines.

1980 - 1989 Supervising Biologist, Resources Department, Monenco Consultants Limited, Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Mr. Guy managed, co-ordinated, and supervised over 25 multi-disciplinary development projects for a wide range of clients across Canada and internationally, including private sector and non-governmental organizations as well as provincial and federal governments. 

Specific responsibilities included:

  • Functioning as part of integrated environmental and engineering planning teams;
  • Conducting environmental impact assessments involving the evaluation of the effects of resource developments and the formulation of impact mitigation plans for the energy, mining, chemical, and agricultural industries;
  • Participating in public consultations;
  • Appearing as an expert witness at public hearings;
  • Assessing route and site alternatives mainly using geographic information systems;
  • Planning, initiating and working on environmental monitoring programs;
  • Directing and conducting pre-development land use, vegetation and wildlife studies;
  • Preparing hazardous substance inventories for the thermal power industry;
  • Carrying out reclamation studies for the coal mining and oil sands industries;
  • Writing, compiling and editing numerous technical client reports.

1970 - 1979 Wildlife Research Officer, Department of National Parks and Wildlife Management, Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism, Government of Zimbabwe

Mr. Guy was responsible for park planning activities and the management of the wildlife and its habitats in National Parks and Wildlife Reserves.

Specific responsibilities included:

  • Formulating strategic policies relating to tourist use of national parks (including locating roads, rest camps and other facilities), setting bag limits in safari hunting areas and determining where, how and when to use fire in management programs;
  • Planning, conducting and reporting on surveys and research projects to determine the abundance, growth rates, reproductive capacities, harvest potentials and preferred habitat conditions of several wildlife species including conducting aerial surveys and immobilizing and/or capturing animals, tagging them often with radios and then plotting their movements;
  • Devising methods of conserving and enhancing wildlife habitats including coordinating capture operations of several over-abundant species, many of which were used for restocking farms and other reserves; and building and maintaining plots from which all large animals were excluded to determine rates of plant growth in the absence of animals;
  • Establishing herbaria and other reference collections;
  • Mapping vegetation types from aerial photographs and follow up ground truthing;
  • Determining the regeneration potential and utilization of major wildlife food species;
  • Preparing comprehensive reports on the investigations conducted, including analytical interpretation and recommendations;
  • Co-operating with other agencies and government departments in developing a comprehensive conservation plan for various regions of the country, a program which later led to the implementation of CAMPFIRE, the well-respected and widely known community-based management program wherein financial and other resources feed back into the communities involved.


Author of more than 15 refereed scientific papers, writer/contributor/editor of over 100 technical reports and presenter of papers at many conferences, seminars and workshops.


Member, International Society of Tropical Foresters.


On request.

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