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MOHAMMAD JAKARIYA, Environment Management Analyst

Contact information
  • In Bangladesh: BRAC Center, 75 Mohakhali, Dhaka-1212, Tel: 9881265, 884180/ext. 2702
  • Email: bracamr@bdmail.net


M.Sc. 2000, Geography, University of Cambridge (UK).

M.Sc. 1990, Geography, Jahangirnagar University

B.Sc. (Honours) 1989, Geography, Jahangirnagar University


Spoken : English, Bengali, German. Written : English, Bengali, German.



Arsenic Mitigation Program

Coordinator (Aug. 97- ongoing). Responsibilities:

  • Organize and train village level health workers of BRAC as well as local community people on the use of field kits to test arsenic and pass on related information among the villages;
  • Use of GPS for obtaining exact location of tubewells;
  • Use of GIS software for preparation of maps for report on arsenic;
  • Develop monitoring guideline for smooth operation of the program and for follow up of arsenic activities at BRAC.

Research and Evaluation Division

Environmental Management Analyst (June 96- July 97). Responsibilities:

  • Developed the policy and objectives of the Environmental Research Cell (ERC) of BRAC;
  • Developed environmental training material and training module to conduct environmental training for BRAC staff;
  • Conducted Environmental Examination (EE) of BRAC's Rural Development Program;
  • Conducted action research on different appropriate environment friendly projects;
  • Prepared Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) guideline for BRAC programs;
  • Supervized the survey work of the Jamuna Multipurpose Bridge Project to determine the loss of land due to Jamuna Bridge using the GIS software.


Environment and GIS (EGIS) Support Project for Water Sector Planning

Project funded by the Ministry of Water Resources and Netherlands Government. Junior Consultant (May 95- May 96). Responsibilities:

  • Collected and reviewed secondary literature (including maps) relating to the Regional Environmental Profile (REP) and the Fishery Pilot Study Program;
  • Participated with the rest of the REP team in developing the methodology of field investigation for the REP;
  • Participated in the field work for the REP as well as the Fishery Pilot Study Program and collected information using RRA methodology, case study etc.;
  • Prepared dry season water body inventory;
  • Prepared maps for the REP study;
  • Provided GIS-based support to the REP as well as the Fisheries Study.

Environmental Study (FAP 16)

Component of Bangladesh Flood Action Plan. Junior Social Scientist (April 94 - April 95). Conducted an Initial Environmental Examination of the South West Region of Bangladesh to investigate environmental consequences of surface water reduction. Responsibilities:

  • Reconnaissance visit to select study locations ;
  • Questionnaire design/study design ;
  • Collected time series data on environment, agricultural practices etc. using both the Rapid Rural Appraisal (RRA) and Household Survey methods
  • Analyzed collected data using dBase IV and SPSS/PC+ ;
  • Prepared maps for the report;
  • Assisted in preparing preliminary draft report ;
  • Conducted case studies on different important issues : surface water reduction and its effect on irrigation practices, cropping pattern change and its impact on occupation pattern, surface water reduction and its effect on navigation etc.
  • Conducted four case studies and subsequently prepared reports on the environmental impacts of flood control and drainage projects in Bangladesh
  • Prepared reference materials to support EIA skills workshops.

Geographic Information System (Flood Action Plan 19)

Project Coordinator (March 94). Responsible to prepare a pilot phase report on the project Thana Development Index Map. Arc/Info software was used in preparing maps for the report.

Environmental Study (Flood Action Plan 16)

Junior Social Scientist (Jan 93 - Feb 94). Responsibilities:

  • Reviewed different literature on chars & river bank erosion and also prepared bibliography
  • Participated in finalizing the study design (including reconnaissance trips and prepared field notes)
  • Participated in questionnaire development and trained survey enumerators
  • Observed and analyzed char environment of the three main river systems i.e. Ganges/Padma, Jamuna & Meghna, through RRA methodology as part of the team
  • Prepared parts of final report, as part of the team

Fisheries Study of Flood Action Plan (Flood Action Plan 17) & Flood Proofing Study (FAP 23)

Research Assistant (Dec 92). For FAP 17, assisted international Social Anthropologist to determine locational variation of fishing communities in the project area. For FAP 23, study of flood proofing in char areas of Jamuna river.

Flood Response Study (Flood Action Plan 14)

Research Assistant (Jan - Nov 92). Responsibilities:

  • Actively participated in compilation of collected data using computer technology. Participated in designing case studies on the basis of preliminary findings from the institutional survey and group discussions;
  • Assisted Senior Researchers and Personnel in compilation of data and preparing study reports ;
  • Analyzed Satellite Imageries to produce different thana maps (FAP 14 study areas) with certain features for final workshop.

Flood Response Study (FAP 14)

Institutional Surveyor (Sep - Dec 91). Responsibilities:

  • Participated in designing survey instruments for the case studies and conducted case studies on cropping patterns, special occupational opportunities during flood season and some other related issues
  • Conducted local level institutions survey on flood response, interviewed different Government officials and public representatives at district, thana and union level. Under group flood response investigation, interviewed various local groups
  • NGO leaders/workers, village leaders, school teachers, religious leaders and other knowledgeable persons at village level
  • Prepared field reports with analytical overviews supported by thematic maps
  • Supervised a group of Field Investigators

Flood Response Study (FAP 14)

Field Investigator (Jun - Aug 91). Responsibilities:

  • Conducted two-month long questionnaire survey staying at remote village areas of Chirirbandar thana, Dinajpur district
  • Carried out case studies


Field Investigator. Conducted four-month long questionnaire survey on Natural Resource Inventory at different ecologically important zones, and participated in coding the field answers.


Environmental Management Practitioners Association of Bangladesh (EMPAB)
GIS users Group of Bangladesh
Bangladesh National Geographical Association (BNGA)
Bangladesh National Bio-diversity Group (BNBG)


1993: Socio-economic condition of slum around the corner of ISPAN office. Report submitted to USAID/D, July.

1990: Present land use of Mirertec mauza and recommendations for future development on the basis of land evaluation. Geography Department, Jahangirnagar University, Savar, Dhaka (unpublished).

1990: Socioeconomic baseline and land use survey on village Bangra, Thana Sherpur, District Bogra. Unpublished report..

1990: Storage facilities & credit program for peasants - a case study of Bangladesh-Swiss agricultural project of Chirirbandar thana. J. Bangladesh Natl. Geogr. Assoc., Dhaka, submitted.

Contributing or co-author for the following reports:

  • Charland Socio-Economic Report
  • EIA Manual for the Water Sector Projects of Bangladesh
  • Environmental Study of the Chenchuri Beel
  • Regional Environmental Examination Study of the North Central Region of Bangladesh
  • Initial Environmental Examination Report of BRAC's Rural Development Program
  • Charland Socio-Economic Study
  • Environmental Examination Report of BRAC Rural Development Programmes: agriculture, fisheries, forestry, sericulture,
  • Preparation of Training Manual for the Orientation on Environmental Awareness for BRAC head office staff
  • Initial Environmental Examination (IEE) Report of BRAC Dairy Project
  • Baseline Survey of the Potential Erosion and Flood Affected Areas of JMBP

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