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HARRY GILES, C. Eng. - Engineer & Trainer, Water Supply Systems

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  • Water supply system engineering
  • Training, academic & institutional strengthening related to water supply systems


  • Career path covering river engineering, research, management training, consulting engineering, project management for UN, and academia.
  • Consulting Engineer specialising in the rehabilitation of water supply systems, institutional strengthening and establishment of training organisations in less developed countries. 
  • Retained Consultant to large firm of international consulting engineers. University Senior Research Associate in water & management related topics. 
  • Particular technical expertise in water distribution systems with special reference to audit and control of unaccounted for water; water supply training; human resource development, institutional change and preparation of major reports.
  • Experience in over 20 countries & author of papers on a variety of subjects and client-confidential reports


1997- 1999  Halcrow, Dhaka WASA, Management & Operations (Twinning) Project. Engineering Adviser
1996 -      Bournemouth University, Senior Research Associate
1992-1995  Bournemouth University, Principal Lecturer/Programme Consultant  
1989-  Binnie & Black & Veatch, Consulting Engineers (formerly Binnie & Partners), Present Retained Consultant.  Projects in India, Thailand, Indonesia, Malawi, Botswana, Philippines, & UK 
1986-1988 Independent Consultant Projects in Thailand, Uganda , Caribbean & UK 
1980-1985 WHO/PAHO, Trinidad & Tobago, Projects Manager 
1975-1980 Binnie & Partners, Consulting Engineers, Specialist in dist'n systems & training 
1971-1974 Water Supply Industry Training Board, Development Officer (Management) 
1965-1970 Water Research Association (now WRc), Senior Technical Liaison Officer 
1958-1965 Three River Boards, Graduate under Agreement - Divisional Engineer 
1956-1958  National Service. Royal Engineers, Malaya 
1952-1955  Manchester University, Undergraduate Studies, Department of Civil Eng.


1973  Fellow, Chartered Institution of Water & Environmental Management (formerly Institution of Water Engineers) (FCIWEM)

Member, Institution of Civil Engineers (MICE) Chartered Engineer (C Eng) 

1955  Hons BSc in Civil Engineering 


1989- present  Binnie & Black & Veatch, Consulting Engineers (formerly Binnie & Partners), Retained Consultant.   Projects:
  • 1996 - Lucknow, India, Gomti River Pollution Control Project.  Responsible for study of the water supply systems and an assessment of the current level of losses and the potential for their reduction.
  • 1996 - Bangkok, Thailand, Four Towns Master Plans.  Acting Resident Representative and Project Manager for feasibility studies of four towns.
  • 1994-5 - Madras, India, Sector Plan Study for Tamil Nadu WS & D Brd.  International Consultant for Training and Human Resource Development.  Advised on training, HRD for water supply and sanitation for population of 50 million; and changes in the institutional structure for water supply and sanitation.
  • 1993, Hyderabad, India, Water Distribution Rehabilitation Project.  For TATA Consulting Engineers, India. Unaccounted For Water & Master Plan Projects.   Advised on UFW, determination of pipeline conditions, water distribution system control, loss measurement for  treatment works and long-length crosscountry large-diameter trunk mains; developed distribution district operational manuals. Studied and advised on the replacement of a large diameter transmission main.
  • 1992-3 - Jakarta, Indonesia, PAM JAYA Improvement Project (Z3&6).  For Nihon Suido Consultants, Japan.  Responsible for developing leakage control systems and design criteria, and establishing & training design teams to design & construct Zones 3& 6  distribution systems
  • Manila, Phillippines, Theme paper at Regional Consultation, IADB
  • 1990-1 - Madras, India, Unaccounted for Water Project & Master Plan.  Advised on various aspects of study of leakage measurement & control in intermittent supply conditions. Particular emphasis on leakage from large raw water conduits and large-diameter trunk mains, treatment works and large service reservoirs, determination of the condition of large-diameter mains with attention to upgrading their carrying capacity.
  • 1991-1 - Blantyre, Malawi, Demand/Tariff Study; Unaccounted for Water Study; Consultant/Resident Representative. Responsible for field studies, analysis, reporting of demand components, detailed audit, recommendations for control measures, procurement of computer systems.  
  • 1992 - Labatse, Botswana - Water Supply Project. Advised on establishing leakage control, demand forecast study, network analysis, and determination of condition & carrying capacity of the sole transmission main.  Undertook a detailed study of the condition of a 80 km long 350mm transmission main and recommended its replacement.
  • 1988-90 - Rickmansworth Wat Co.  Initial analysis of required information and control systems for the water distribution department in readiness for the requirements of the 1989 Water Act. Development of associated information systems.  Preparation of first report to the Director General, Office of Water Services.
1997-1999  Halcrow, Dhaka WASA, Bangladesh. Management & Operations (Twinning) Project. Engineering Adviser. Responsible for bringing about improvements to DWASA's operational procedures with special attention to controlling UFW in low-pressure, intermittent supplies, for re-vitalising the Training Institute and improving human resources development procedures.  Responsibilities:  task manager for three Key Improvement Programmes 1-Operations, 2-Personnel & HRD, 3-Asset Maintenance. Engineering responsibilities included rehabilitation of distribution systems; control of unaccounted for water in low pressure (P<4m) systems; advising on the establishment of a geographical information system; development of Technical Standard Practices, Manuals & PPMP.  Training responsibilities included transforming an  almost defunct Training Institute into a viable training organisation; developing a long-term, part-time management development programme to be jointly provided by the Universities of Dhaka and Bournemouth and leading to the award of a PG Diploma and an MSc.  

Halcrow, Regional Training Adviser, Asia Pacific Region

1996 -  Bournemouth University, School of Conservation Sciences, Senior Research Associate.   

Bournemouth University, Programme Consultant (full time).  Academic responsibility for the development and presentation of a MSc/PGDip in Management of the Water Environment. The successful programme concentrates on developing managers capable of operating in the challenging, multi-disciplinary environment of the modern water sector. Involved with teaching on several undergraduate and post graduate programmes with particular interest in developing core, transferable skills.  Inputs to other postgraduate and undergraduate programmes.  Areas of research: 

  • Pollution of Christchurch Harbour 
  • Water supply to the urban poor in less developed countries 
  • Comparison of various flow equations 
  • Academic member of UK government  mission to Japan to study leakage control 
1992-93  Bournemouth University, Principal Lecturer (75% part time).  
1986 -1989  Independent Consultant.  Projects:
  • 1989-90 - Binnie & Partners, Essex Water Co., Leakage/distribution studies.  Developed an appropriate economic model and supervised analysis of computer based network models to optimise the establishment of 166 district metering districts with pressure regulation for purposes of leakage control.
  • 1987-9 - Water Training International - Central Water & Sewerage Authority, World Bank Water Supply Project, Uganda; Project Manager, Training Project. Established a training organisation to provide training in seven widely separated towns.
  • 1986-7 - Lotti & Associati of Rome, Rehabilitation Adviser on Thailand Nine Towns Water Supply Project.  Carried out detailed UFW audit for nine provincial towns and made recommendations for appropriate measures to reduce UFW including extension of works to further + 600 other towns. Developed an operations manual also an economic model for selection of appropriate methods of leakage control.  Advised on training requirements and procedures for leakage control and other distribution staff for the nine towns extending to cover staff in additional 600+ water supply systems
  • 1986 - Pan American Health Organisation/World Health Organizations, Barbados. Short term consultant study of the requirements for improved water supply in six Caribbean Island States.  Study leading to the preparation of a master plan for the introduction of improvements to the distribution systems of six Caribbean island states including the application of Technical Cooperation between Developing Countries to provide an effective, structured approach.  

Pan American Health Organisation/World Health Organisation, Trinidad & Tobago.  Project Manager of IADB funded technical improvement project with Water & Sewerage Authority. Responsible for supervision of consultants working on rehabilitation of sewage treatment plants, water pollution control legislation, water pollution control, distribution mapping and leakage control. Developed the national training organisation including setting up the required administrative systems, developing a new Training for Trainers programme for water utility staff and preparing various training programmes.  Instituted a formal system for introducing Standard Technical Procedures leading to the definition of training objectives.  Developed training programme for Environmental Health Officers.  Also, as Country Engineer, carried out studied of leakage control, meters and metering, marine pollution caused by inadequate sewage disposal facilities, gross pollution of rivers used as raw water sources.  Adviser to Caribbean Basin Water Management Project.

1975 -80 

Binnie & Partners, Consulting Engineers, Senior Engineer.  In-house specialist in rehabilitation of water supply systems & in-house training specialist. Worked overseas on projects involving leakage control, condition of pipelines, meters and metering & rehabilitation projects in India, Turkey, Pakistan, Egypt, Barbados, British Virgin Islands and several small Caribbean island states. Head Office-based Project Engineer on projects in Egypt, Turkey etc., also provided advice on projects elsewhere. Advised on the development of an enhanced computer-based network analysis program. Developed an approach for the preparation of user friendly manuals for complex computer programs including those for network analysis.  Providing training input and set up training programmes on numerous projects. Developed a system for the preparation of operational manuals for complex computer applications  

1971 - 75 

Water Supply Industrial Training Board (now Water Training International), Training Development Officer in Management Training.  Development and presentation of management training programmes particularly in quantitative aspects of management with responsibility for operation of WSITB's Management Training Centre for two years.  Provided a Training Advisory Service, including advice on development of manpower planning to 27 water supply organisations in SW England.  Consultancy assignment to major water supply project in Costa Rica, advising on training requirements for leakage control and associated water distribution system activities.

1966 - 1971  Water Research Association (now Water Research Centre), Senior Technical Liaison Officer.  Carried out research &  development.  Supervisory and R&D responsibilities for  wide variety of topics, worked in over 20 water utilities.  Basic research into waste metering, initial investigations in leakage control, sophisticated methods of leak location, control of animals in water mains, tastes and odours, meters and metering, condition of water mains and other allied topics. Developed and presented training programmes in leakage control for the Water Supply Industry Training Board and presented training programmes on distribution technology and other technical subjects. Provided advice to water utilities and consultants on above technical subjects and developed technical training packages for use in Sri Lanka.  
1965 - 66  Thames Conservancy, Water Resources Division. Involved in determining Licences of Right (Water Resources Act 1963).
1963 - 65  Somerset River Board, Divisional Engineer, Axe & Lower Brue Division. Design of PC road bridge and several small control structures.
1958 - 63  Severn River Board, Graduate Under Agreement then Assistant. Engineer. Investigations, design and supervision of construction of river engineering works including flood defenses
1956 - 58 

National Service, Royal Engineers, Deputy Clerk of Works, Malaya.

1952 - 55  Manchester University, Faculty of Science, Department of Civil Engineering. Undergraduate studies 

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