ALAN C BIRD                      Curriculum Vitae as of 14th December 2010



                                                Summary of Personal Details


Nationality:                                 British, Present Passport No 093092261

                                                   Issued Peterborough, UK, 4th June 2003

                                                   Expires 4th June 2013


Place and Date of Birth:            Carshalton, Surrey, England, 14th July 1953


Marital Status:                            Married with three children

                                                   Wife: Anna M Bird born 5th May 1947

                                                   School Teacher, bilingual English/Italian

                                                   Daughter: Louisa C Bird born 19/2/82

                                                   Daughter: Amelia R Bird born 29/12/83

                                                   Son: Alexander Bird born 2/9/86


Address:                                     51 Victoria Park


                                                   Cambridgeshire CB4 3EJ

                                                   England, UK

                                                   Telephone UK (44) (0)1223 352541


                                                   Website: see Water Environment International on Google


Profession:                                 Environmental Planner/Surveyor

                                                   Chartered Engineering Surveyor (MCInstCES)


Specialisation:                            Environmental Impact Assessment and Management for Land and Water Resources Development

                                                   Surveying, Mapping and Remote Sensing


Education:                                  -Registered for Research Studies (PhD), WEDC, Loughborough University of Technology, UK, 1993

                                                   Thesis "EIA for Water Resources Development in Developing Countries", Passed subject to minor corrections January 2001.

                                                   -Cambridgeshire College of Arts and Technology (now Anglia Ruskin University), 1976-1979, BA(Hons) CNAA Geography with Economics

                                                   -The Cavendish School, Hemel Hempstead

                                                   1964-1971, 2 CSE, 7 "O" levels, 2 "A" levels


Professional Status:                   Member of the Chartered Institution of Civil Engineering Surveyors, 1985

                                                   Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society, 1983

                                                   Member of the Institute of British Geographers, 1983

                                                   Associate Fellow of the Remote Sensing and Photogrammetry Society, 1977


Work Experience In:                  Libya, Somalia, Nigeria, Lesotho, Algeria, Cameroon, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Bangladesh, Chad, Ethiopia, Indonesia, Tanzania, Jordan, Egypt, South Africa (since 1991), Mongolia, Uganda, Albania, China, Philippines, Samoa, Pakistan, India, Kenya, Niger, France, Netherlands, USA, England, Wales, Scotland.


Other Countries Visited:             Sudan, Yemen Arab Republic, Spain, Portugal, Croatia, Slovenia, Italy, Belgium, Malta, New Zealand, Switzerland, United Arab Emirates.




Nationality:                                        British

Year of Birth:                                     1953

Profession:                                        Environmental Planner / Surveyor

Specialisations:                                Environmental Impact Assessment for

                                                            Land and Water Resources Development

                                                            Surveying, Mapping and Remote Sensing

Years Experience:                           39





Alan Bird is an Environmental Planner with extensive experience of land and water development programmes in developing countries. His main areas of expertise include:


Environmental Planning and Management: Involved in major studies and implementation programmes addressing the human and natural environmental implications of land and water resources development. Central to this has been the need for poverty alleviation and safeguarding livelihoods within the framework of environmentally sound and sustainable development. The work has included dam, reservoir and irrigation development as well as catchment management, flooding, drainage, canal navigation, rural and urban water supply provision, urban waste-water treatment, solid waste management, protected area management, transport (road and waterborne navigation) and integrated rural development programmes. He has been involved in large scale forced resettlement from reservoirs and land reallocation programmes for irrigation rehabilitation and construction, with a specific aim of livelihood restoration. Specialist experience in EIA and SEA methodologies along with land and water legislation and management at national, regional and project level. He has designed and presented training programmes for environmental management.


Environmental Assessment: Has led integrated multi-disciplinary teams carrying out both Strategic Environmental Assessments and also Environmental Impact Assessments, many involving village level public participation, and at all stages of project development and across many sectors.  Designed and constructed the World Bank’s toolkit for Strategic Environmental Assessment.


Resource Surveys and Data Collection: Designed, trained and supervised field teams for resource assessment data collection programmes.


Remote Sensing, Mapping and Surveying: Extensive experience in land and water resources assessment using ground survey methods, along with airborne and satellite remote sensing techniques, including mapped outputs and cartography. He has specialist expertise in land registration and land tenure reform.


Training and Education: Has designed and delivered training programmes and lectures on environmental issues for a wide range of audiences, including universities and institutes in Cambridge, Oxford, Swansea, Loughborough and Southampton in the UK, France, Botswana, China, Philippines, Bangladesh, and Ethiopia. Students have included a very wide range, from post-graduate (including adult education), high level government officers and school children.





-Registered for post-graduate studies (PhD), WEDC, Loughborough University of Technology, UK, April 1993. Thesis "EIA for Water Resources Development in Developing Countries", Passed subject to minor corrections, January 2001.

-BA(Hons), Geography and Ancillary Economics, Cambridgeshire College of Arts and Technology (now Anglia Ruskin University), Cambridge, UK, 1979.

-Chartered Engineering Surveyor MCInstCES (Member of the Chartered Institution of Civil Engineering Surveyors), 1985.

-Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society, 1983.

-Member of the Institute of British Geographers, 1983.

-Associate Member of the Remote Sensing and Photogrammetric Society, 1977.





1991 - Present              INDEPENDENT CONSULTANT


Environment and Land Acquisition Expert, Punjab Cities Improvement Investment Project, Pakistan, 2010. Funded by the Asian Development Bank.

Responsible for overseeing the environmental and land acquisition assessments for the preparation of a major urban infrastructure programme of US$500million comprising sub-components covering water supply, waste water collection and management, solid waste management, transport and urban physical planning along with financial and institutional reform.


Remote Sensing Specialist, Integrated Water Resources Management, Yobe River Catchment, Nigeria and Niger, 2010. Funded by the European Union.

Responsible for carrying out a detailed appraisal of existing irrigation activities on the feeder river to Lake Chad in Nigeria. Used satellite imagery and field visits to identify and measure the area of irrigation currently being cultivated in the dry season to calculate water demand as part of an integrated water management programme for the basin.


Environmental Specialist, Lake Victoria WATSAN Project II, Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Burundi and Rwanda, 2009. Funded by the African Development Bank.

As part of the Nile Basin Initiative responsible for drawing up an environmental assessment for water supply and sanitation provision for 15 towns (three in each of the five counties in the catchment of Lake Victoria) with the aim of improving water quality in the lake.


Project Coordinator, Environmental and Social Management Activities, Metolong Dam Programme, Lesotho, 2008 to 2009, Funded by the US MCC, World Bank, OPEC, EU, Government of South Africa.

Responsible for the overall design and supervision of the implementation for the environmental and social impact management plan for the construction of a 70m high concrete dam, reservoir, water supply treatment works and over 100km of conveyance pipeline.


Environmental Specialist, Talong Hydropower Project in NE India, 2008.

Carried out a review of the environmental assessment of a proposed hydropower dam in India.


Environmental Specialist, Maidan Hydropower Project in Pakistan, 2008.

Carried out a review of the environmental assessment of a proposed hydropower dam in Pakistan.


Chief of Environmental Engineering and Resettlement Issues, Dasu Hydropower Project, Pakistan, 2007 to 2008, Funded by the Government of Pakistan.

Responsible for overseeing the final production of an Environmental Impact Assessment report for a proposed large concrete hydropower dam on the river Indus. The work was to comply with national and international regulatory and funding requirements.


Environmental Specialist, NE India Integrated Flood and Riverbank Erosion Mitigation Protection Project, India, 2008, Funded by the Asian Development Bank.

Responsible for identifying the existing environmental conditions and constraints to river flooding and erosion and instigating an initial environmental examination of six potential interventions to address these.


Environmental Specialist, Integrated Watershed Management Project, Ethiopia, 2007, World Bank Managed.

As part of the Nile Basin Initiative, carried out an environmental assessment of a proposed integrated watershed management project. The project included a wide range of possible interventions and covered an area of over 180,000ha in the highlands of Ethiopia feeding into Lake Tana.


Environmentalist, Marawaji Flow Control Structure Project, Nigeria, 2006. DFID UK Funded.

Responsible for carrying out an environmental reconnaissance of a proposed water control structure feeding the Ramsar registered protected Nguru Wetland area in north eastern Nigeria. Obtained historical mapping of the differing wetland extents over the previous 50 years and also land use practices, along with the incidence of invasive weed extent in the wetland. Made an assessment of potential habitat change that could occur as a result of proposed changes in lake inflow. Also carried out an initial screening of potential environmental impacts.


Environmental Specialist, Agusan River Basin Project, Philippines, 2005-2006. Asian Development Bank Funded.

Responsible for identifying the major environmental issues to be addressed in drawing up a long term management strategy for the largest river basin in Mindanao Island, including the most important freshwater wetland in the country listed under the Ramsar convention. Prepared an integrated plan for the management of water quality to be included in the master plan for the basin. Trained the national environmental specialist in Strategic Environmental Assessment for the proposed basin master plan.


Environmental Specialist, Samoa Rural Water Supply Project, Samoa, 2005. EU Funded.

Responsible for producing a Preliminary Environmental Assessment Report for the Samoa Water Authority for the detailed design and construction of a major rural water supply programme costing Euro 10million.


Environmental Expert, Nanyang Agenda 21 Catchment Management Programme, China, 2005. EU Funded.

Responsible for reviewing a draft Environmental Planning Report for management of the catchment of the largest man made lake in Asia to be used as the source for transfer of water from the Yantse to the Yellow river. Drew up a strategy for catchment management and also detailed action plans for two pilot implementation areas in the catchment. In collaboration with the Department of Environmental Science at Beijing University, drew up the detailed outline contents of a manual for reservoir catchment management to be used for any reservoir in China.


Project Director/Environmental Trainer, Strategic Environmental Assessment Structured Learning Programme, World Bank, Washington USA, 2004-2005. Japanese Government Funded.

Responsible for managing, designing and constructing a “hands on” digital toolkit for implementing Strategic Environmental Assessment across all of the activities of the World Bank.




Environmental Planner, Jigawa Enhanced Wetlands Livelihood Project, Nigeria, 2004-2006. DFID UK Funded.

Reviewed the remote sensing requirements for the project in order to map the extent of flooding and vegetation cover in the area. Procured appropriate satellite imagery, ground truthed it on site and trained local staff to do the same for future monitoring work, including the excavation and weed clearance of congested river channels which were causing significant increased flood risks and livelihood loss to local communities. Carried out subsequent supervision of imagery acquisition and digital analysis for monitoring water and vegetation extent.


Environmental Impact Specialist, Basha Diamer Dam Project, Pakistan, 2004. Funded by the Government of Pakistan.

Carried out a desk review of the detailed Environmental Impact Assessment produced for a proposed high concrete arch dam across the Indus river. Outlined the modifications needed to the report in order for it to be considered for international donor funding.


Environmental Impact Assessment Specialist, Coal Bed Methane Project, Energy Management Component, Liaoning Integrated Environmental Programme, Liaoning Province, China, 2003. European Union Funded.

Responsible for environmentally screening a proposed methane extraction project and drafting an outline Environmental Management Plan for its implementation.


Environment Specialist, Road Network Improvement and Maintenance Project II, Bangladesh, 2003. Asian Development Bank Funded.

Responsible for the environmental screening of 1500km of road proposed for improvement in order to select 500km to be included in the programme. Responsible for carrying out an Initial Environmental Examination of the selected 500km of road rebuilding across the south of the country.


Environment Specialist, Watershed Management and Flood Forecasting and Warning System for the Agusan River Basin, Mindanao, Philippines, 2002 to 2003. Japanese Government Funded.

Responsible for identifying the main environmental issues to be addressed when drawing up a long term water resources management strategy for a large river basin containing over 1 million people. Key issues included mercury and cyanide pollution from gold mining and management of the most important Ramsar listed freshwater wetland in the Philippines. Drew up an environmental management strategy for the basin and carried out a strategic environmental assessment of the 15 potential interventions that were identified. Presented the results at regional level workshops.


Environmental Specialist, Bridge Replacement Project, Bangladesh, 2002 to 2003. DFID UK funded.

Responsible for setting up the framework for environmental assessment for the study, design and implementation of 36 replacement bridges in the south west and north west of Bangladesh. The work included drafting of an overall Environmental Management Plan for the project and designing and presenting formal training sessions and informal instruction on site.


Environmental Impact Specialist, Water Resources Management Project, Liaoning Integrated Environmental Programme, China, 2000 to 2002. EU funded.

Responsible for carrying out a Strategic Environmental Assessment of a proposed integrated water resources management strategy for a large catchment in north east China with complex issues of low surface water flows and heavy industrial pollution. Also assisted in drawing up a model reservoir catchment management plan for use across the ten large reservoirs in the study area. Presented the results at two international conferences in China. Prepared an outline management strategy for a degraded wetland area of international importance.


Environmental Impact Specialist, Rural Infrastructure Improvement Project, Bangladesh, 2002. Asian Development Bank funded.

Responsible for drawing up the environmental assessment framework for a proposed rural infrastructure development programme in the south west of the country. The proposed interventions included roads, markets, ferries and bridges. The work included preparation of an overall Initial Environmental Examination of intervention elements and three selected pilot sub-projects.


Environmental Advisor, Agricultural Services Innovation and Reform Project, Bangladesh, 1999-2000. DFID UK funded.

Responsible for providing short term technical assistance to the project with the aim of mainstreaming environmental issues into the Department of Agricultural Extension. This included general environmental awareness raising over the use of new agricultural technologies and also setting up the procedures and institutions for screening environmental concerns in the project portfolio of the Department, based upon a review of legislation and sector policies. Also responsible for expanding such work into an integrated extension approach with the forestry, fisheries and livestock sectors.


Environmental Specialist, Second National Irrigation and Drainage Rehabilitation Project, Albania, 2000. World Bank loan.

Responsible for drawing up the approach and methodology for environmental assessment of scoping studies for irrigation and drainage rehabilitation across the country to address the requirements of the World Bank and the Albanian Government. Also drew up special studies for assessment of potential downstream impacts on a coastal lagoon, which is a registered Ramsar site.


Environmentalist, National Water Master Plan, Bangladesh, 1998-2000. World Bank loan.

Responsible for drawing up and supervising the production of regional environmental profiles of the whole country to allow scoping and identification of key environmental issues affecting the water sector. Also responsible for reviewing and classifying possible types of intervention for the water sector and analysing their environmental outcomes, so that key environmental components and linkages could be identified. Reviewed the legal structures that define the responsibilities of government departments under the national environmental legislation, so that a framework could be established at ministry level for compliance. Drafted two major Topic Papers, one outlining the national situation with regard to environmental concerns and the other on how to manage water related environmental issues in the country and presented these at workshops.


Environmental Planner, PROSHIKA, Bangladesh, 1999. DFID UK funded.

Reviewed the next five year plan for a very large multi-sector national NGO and carried out a preliminary environmental screening for one of the donors.


Land Registration Specialist, Land Tenure Reform Programme, Uganda, 1999. DFID UK funded.

Carried out a review of the then recently enacted Land Act and draft Survey Regulations and Land Regulations. Advised on amendments to the regulations and was a member of the redrafting team. Assessed the institutional capacity for implementation of the Act and regulations in six Districts which were visited in the field.


Environmental Mapping Specialist, Inland Water Transport III, Environmental Monitoring and Control Project, Bangladesh, 1996-1999. Japanese funded through the World Bank.

Responsible for collecting all relevant environmental data for entry into a GIS for use in environmental management of inland water transport in the whole country. Data included national water quality sampling, industrial discharge types and locations, human population numbers and density, erosion and accretion mapping from satellite imagery, as well as dredging requirements, navigation routes, navigation facilities and traffic loads, fertiliser distribution and fisheries resources plus catch levels.


Environmental Specialist, Meghna Estuary Study, Bangladesh, 1997-1998. Danish and Dutch funded.

Responsible for drawing up the baseline environmental profile covering the islands and adjacent mainland of the Ganges/Brahmaputra delta, including socio-economic data for 8 million inhabitants, as well as erosion and accretion analysis using time series satellite imagery. Carried out Environmental Impact Assessments for three Feasibility Studies and three Pre-Feasibility studies for a variety of proposed interventions, including cross dam and embankment construction, river bank protection, drainage and integrated rural development.


Environmental Training Specialist, Bangladesh Road Sector Training Programme, UK, 1998. DFID UK funded.

Drew up and presented a series of lectures on Environmental Management and Impact Assessment, including detailed case studies, for a group of senior government officers. These included members of the Planning Commission, Ministry of Communications and Department of Roads and Highways of Bangladesh on a DFID UK assisted programme at the Centre of Development Studies, University of Wales, Swansea.


Environmental Monitoring Expert, Strengthening Land Use Policies, Mongolia, 1997. Asian Development Bank funded.

Responsible for assessing and drawing up an environmental monitoring and management component to the national land reform programme for setting up a land registration system for the country to allow individual rights to land. Included assessment of the implications of increased pastoralism, privatisation of state wheat farms, expansion of mining operations and urban land use.


Environmental Training Specialist, Bangladesh Training Programme, UK, 1997. ODA UK funded.

Drew up and presented a series of lectures on Environmental Management and Impact Assessment, including detailed case studies, for a group of government officers from Bangladesh on an ODA/British Council assisted programme at the Centre of Development Studies, University of Wales, Swansea.


Environmentalist, Jamalpur Project Refinement Study, Bangladesh, 1995-1996. French and EC funded.

Responsible for setting up and co-ordinating the data collection work for a full Environmental Impact Assessment of a proposed flood control, irrigation and drainage programme for an area of 92 000ha containing a human population of 900 000. Data collection programmes included water quality, soils, flora, fauna, health, nutrition, women's issues and waterborne navigation. Specific responsibility for formulating the conceptual approach, detailed planning, monitoring and post construction evaluation for a flood proofing trial and pilot programme for unprotectable areas covering 900 households implemented by NGO's. Drew up the outline plan for expansion of the programme to 20 000 households.


Land Tenure Specialist, Land Tenure Reform Programme, South Africa, 1996. ODA UK, Danish and EC funded.

Responsible for drawing up the detailed framework of the Operational Manual for implementing a national Land Reform Programme with components for Land Restitution, Land Redistribution and Tenure Reform.


Public Participation Specialist, Jamalpur Project, Bangladesh, 1996. French and EC funded.

Responsible for drawing up a methodology for public participation, to be implemented jointly with NGO's, for the planning of a flood management programme covering 1 200 000 people on 180 000ha of the Brahmaputra flood plain.


Environmental Impact Assessment Training Specialist, Masters Degree Course in Development, UK, 1996.

Drew up and presented a training workshop on Environmental Impact Assessment for Developing Countries with an emphasis on practical case examples. The participants were Masters level students from a wide variety of technical backgrounds, experience and countries at the Centre for Development Studies of the University of Wales, Swansea.


Environmental Planner, Naga Hammadi Barrage Project, Egypt, 1995. German funded.

Led the field team of three expatriate and seven Egyptian environmental specialists carrying out an integrated Environmental Impact Assessment for a new hydro-power barrage across the river Nile. Specific issues included land acquisition, resettlement and compensation, the implications of increased river levels on groundwater rise and resulting induced impacts on health, sanitation and irrigated agriculture, along with fisheries loss and weed control.


Environmental Training Specialist, Bangladesh Training Programme, UK, 1995

Drew up and presented a series of lectures on Environmental Management and Impact Assessment, including detailed case studies, for a group of government officers from Bangladesh on an ODA/British Council assisted programme at the Centre of Development Studies, University of Wales, Swansea.


Environmental Specialist, Naur Wastewater Treatment Works, Jordan, 1995

Responsible for carrying out an Environmental Assessment for a proposed wastewater treatment plant serving part of south west Amman until the year 2020. Analysis included a comparative environmental assessment of four alternative works sites and different treatment processes. A significant issue was the water quality implications of treated effluent disposal into a reservoir used for downstream irrigation and also land acquisition.


Environmental Specialist, Rehabilitation of Dakawa Irrigation Project, Tanzania, 1995

Responsible for carrying out an Environmental Assessment for the proposed rehabilitation and extension of an existing mechanised irrigated rice farm. Issues addressed included problems of land acquisition from Maasai pastoralists, downstream impacts of water abstraction, water quality, likely socio-economic impacts of turning the scheme over to smallholders and setting up procedures for public participation in planning and operating the scheme.


Environmental Specialist, South Sumatra Inland Waterways Project, Indonesia, 1994

Carried out an Initial Environmental Assessment for a proposed project aimed at transporting large volumes of coal for thermal power generation. The work included an environmental comparison of rail and navigation canal construction options, as well as an assessment of large scale coal mining operations, thermal power generation and a proposed deep water coastal harbour an environmentally sensitive mangrove area.


Land Acquisition, Compensation and Resettlement Specialist, North-South Carrier Pipeline, Botswana, 1994

Designed and carried out field surveys for collecting detailed compensation data for land acquisition of a 350km long water transfer pipeline. This required continuous liaison with the engineering consultants and local people to develop criteria for detailed route selection and individual compensation strategies for 210 households, some of whom required to be resettled.



Training Specialist, Small Scale Irrigation Projects, Ethiopia, 1993

Designed, prepared and presented two specialist training courses on surveying, mapping and construction setting out for small scale farmer managed irrigation developments for participants from throughout Ethiopia. Allied issues covered included planning procedures, farmer participation, remote sensing techniques, cadastral surveys and environmental aspects.


Environmentalist, Coastal Protection Embankment Rehabilitation Project, Bangladesh, 1992-1993

Responsible for identification, minimisation and management of direct construction impacts and drawing up the approach and methodology for the post construction environmental management of over 200km of coastal protection embankments required as a result of severe cyclone damage and loss of human life. Construction used labour intensive techniques with a peak requirement of 55 000 workers and the embankments were designed for multipurpose use, including roads.


Environmental Co-ordinator, Noakhali North Feasibility Study, South East Regional Study (FAP 5), Bangladesh, 1992-1993

Responsible for drawing up the approach and methodology and then implementing the EIA component of a sub-regional land and water management feasibility study. The study area covered some 140 000ha of low lying land with severe drainage problems and under tidal influence. The work required the identification of both the natural and human environmental issues raised by a proposal to assist monsoon season drainage and dry season irrigation. Detailed study of hydrology, water quality, aquatic and terrestrial ecology, fisheries, soils, land resources, sociology and a public participation component were carried out along with a comparative assessment of the spatial and social differentiation of likely impacts.


Environmental Co-ordinator, Gumti Phase II Feasibility Study, South East Regional Study (FAP 5), Bangladesh, 1992-1993

Responsible for drawing up the approach and methodology and then implementing the EIA component of a sub-regional land and water management feasibility study. The study area covered some 140 000ha of complex riverine flood plain and provided baseline environmental assessment to allow previously proposed intervention strategies to be reviewed and appropriate ones to be put forward for detailed study. The assessment included detailed studies of hydrology (particularly the production of flood extent, depth and duration maps under with and without intervention conditions), water quality, aquatic and terrestrial ecology, fisheries, soils, land resources, sociology and a public participation component.


Team Leader, National Char Land Study (under FAP 16), Bangladesh, 1992-1993

Responsible for the design, training, implementation, data presentation, interpretation and report preparation of an inventory of natural and human resources along the Brahmaputra and Jamuna rivers in Bangladesh. This included field questionnaires for the collection of data concerning land and population resources, along with time series analysis of satellite imagery for the study of the dynamics of land resources assessment, including flood and erosion risks. All this data was entered into databases and interfaced to digitised maps to produce a large GIS intended to form a baseline environmental planning tool.


Remote Sensing Specialist, Lake Chad Hydrological Model Study, Chad, 1992

Responsible for the assessment of remote sensing requirements and capabilities, along with image acquisition, ground truthing and interpretation, to provide flooding data inputs into a computer model of the Lake Chad catchment.


Environmentalist, Jamalpur Priority Project Study, Bangladesh, 1991-1993

Responsible for the instigation and co-ordination of the overall environmental assessment of the first sub-regional project study under the countrywide Flood Action Plan. The study area was enlarged to include the Jamuna and Old Brahmaputra Rivers and the assessment covered all natural and human environmental considerations, their interactions and likely induced changes. Policy options included flood preparedness and protection measures ranging from purely institutional approaches, such as flood warning and evacuation, through increasing levels of engineering intervention and management of water and land resources, including construction and operation of flood protection embankments and surface run-off drainage. The assessed area covered 120 000ha, including a reach of the Jamuna river and a population of 1.2 million. Involved in reviewing proposed National Guidelines for Environmental Assessment and also Peoples Participation for use in Bangladesh.


Environmental Planner, Kenyan Rural Roads, UK, 1991

Prepared the environmental assessment component of a technical proposal for the design and construction of a major road in a forested mountainous area of Kenya.


Remote Sensing Specialist, Sudan Gash River Railway Flooding, UK, 1991

Made an assessment of available time series high resolution satellite imagery of the study area and its upper catchment to carry out flood damage assessment.


Environmental Planner, Zaire/Chad/Niger Water Transfer Programme, UK, 1991

Technical review of various proposals for large scale water transfer in Africa.


Environmental Planner, Yemen Flood Preparedness Programme, UK, 1991

Assisted in the preparation of a technical proposal for a major national programme addressing severe flooding occurrences in the country, including evacuation, disaster relief and data sources needed for detailed planning.


Environmental Planner, Proposed Water Transfer, Dam and Reservoir Scheme, East Anglia, UK, 1991

Prepared an environmental assessment proposal for a major water resources transfer scheme with significant human and natural environmental impacts, including forced resettlement.


Guest Lecturer in Remote Sensing, University of Botswana, 1991

Prepared and delivered an introductory training course in remote sensing for Botswana Government Officers. Participants included technical staff from Departments engaged in resource assessment, including land administration, range and wildlife management as well as surveying and mapping.


Environmentalist, Joint Upper Limpopo Basin Study, Botswana 1991

Responsible for the preliminary assessment of the likely human impacts of the construction of dams on the Limpopo River. This included the comparative assessment of 11 potential dam and reservoir sites leading to the preparation of initial compensation cost estimates. It also entailed a review of legislation for land acquisition on both sides of the river, which comprises an International Boundary.


Environmental Planner, Batoka Gorge Dam Project, Zimbabwe/Zambia 1991

Prepared the detailed technical submission of the Environmental Impact Assessment for a proposed large concrete arch dam on the Zambezi River. This included both the likely human and ecological aspects.


1975 - 1991                    MOTT MACDONALD GROUP

                                         (formerly Sir M MacDonald & Partners)


-Topographe-Expert Etudes Fonciers, (Surveyor-Land Tenure Specialist), Mitidja Plain Irrigation Rehabilitation Study, Algeria 1990

-Topographe-Expert Etudes Fonciers, (Surveyor-Land Tenure Specialist), Bas Cheliff Irrigation Rehabilitation Study, Algeria 1989

-Compensation, Resettlement and Land Tenure Specialist, Motloutse Dam Environmental Impact Study, Botswana, 1989

-Mapping Co-ordinator, SADCC Surface Water and Groundwater Mapping Project, Southern Africa, 1988

-Liberia Rural Water Supply Operation and Maintenance Report and Manual Preparation, UK, 1988

-Remote Sensing Specialist, Chobe Enclave Study, Botswana, 1988

-Team Leader and Land Use, Cadastre and Topographic Surveyor, Detailed Environmental Impact and Resettlement Study, Bokaa Dam, Botswana, 1988

-Topographic and Cadastral Survey Specialist, Farahaane Irrigation Rehabilitation Project, Somalia 1987

-Survey Specialist, Cameroon Rural Water Supply Project, 1987

-Remote Sensing Specialist, UK, 1986-1987

-Survey Engineer, Ain Zada Dam, Algeria, 1984-1986

-Senior Surveyor, Lesotho Highlands Water Project, Lesotho, 1983

-Senior Surveyor, Jowhar Sugar Estate, Somalia, 1983

-Team Leader, Dadin Kowa Land Tenure Survey, Nigeria, 1982-1983

-Senior Surveyor, Dadin Kowa Resettlement Project, Nigeria, 1981-1982

-Senior Surveyor, subsequently Team Leader, Land Tenure Survey, Bakolori Dam and Irrigation Project, Nigeria, 1979-1981

-Field Manager, Saakow Barrage Project, Somalia, 1977

-Senior Surveyor, Juba Sugar Project, Somalia, 1975-6

-Surveyor, Jowhar Sugar Estate, Somalia, 1975

-Surveyor, Mogadishu Oil Refinery and Power Station, Somalia, 1975


1971-1975                      J A STORY & PARTNERS


-Road Alignment Surveyor, Trans-Sahara Road, Libya, Eastern Sahara, 1974

-Land Surveyor, various locations, UK, 1971-1974







Written and published seven papers mainly concerned with environmental impacts of land and water resources development projects. Prepared and given training sessions for international organisations on similar subjects.





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English:                  Excellent                     Excellent                     Excellent

French:                        Fair                              Poor                            None





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