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Breakthrough in Arsenic Removal From Human Body

Dennis H. Clarke

Email : dclarke@intnet.net

Clearwater Florida, USA, June 10 --Medical Researchers in the United States have announced a research breakthrough which opens the door to immediate safe removal of arsenic and other heavy metals from the human body.

The discovery utilizes the colon as the primary pathway for arsenic removal, thus preserving the kidneys which are usually destroyed by the arsenic removal using other methods.

"The major breakthrough is the development of the colon as the pathway for arsenic removal," said Dennis H. Clarke, Press Secretary for the group located in the Tampa Bay area of Florida the City of Clearwater.

"The product we have developed is even safe for use on infants," said David A. Minkoff, M.D., a pediatrician and the groups primary researcher. "We have used the product on numerous children and adults in our practice and lab tests are showing massive discharges of arsenic and other heavy metals such as mercury, lead, antimony, beryllium, copper, nickel and uranium," he said. "Recoveries of body functions are significant ranging from the recovery of apparently autistic children to shifts of personality for the better and the restoration of proper immune system function," Dr. Minkoff said.

Lisa Nickel, a Licensed Nurse Practitioner who works with Dr. Minkoff stated, "We are seeing major health improvement in these patients including significant improvement in personality and mental acuity. These improvements are occurring in both children and adults" she said.

According to Mr. Clarke, who has worked in the field of human rights for over thirty five years, "This breakthrough could herald the beginning of the single largest rescue effort in the history of man as we gear up to make this product available to the tens of millions people poisoned with arsenic, drawn up through tube wells in Bangladesh and other areas of South Asia."

"From here on out into the future," Clarke said, "the problems of rescue are and will remain simply those of logistics. We now know how to save the lives of those who have been poisoned but the question remains whether the will is strong enough to overcome the opposition to such a rescue."

"We have no illusions that all will go smoothly with governments and the medical communities who must be involved in this effort. From where we look at this time, this crisis could have been avoided and should have been avoided. As well, more needs to be done to remove the idea that this entire crisis was planned as a clever piece of genocide against some of the poorest masses of people on the planet and in the region," Clarke said.

"The determining factor as to the true intentions of those involved in governments and business around the world and throughout the region will be whether this breakthrough ever reaches the millions of human beings who so desperately need this product in Bangladesh. Nowhere is there a more compelling human crisis than there," Clarke said. 

For more Information Contact:  Dennis H. Clarke, email : dclarke@intnet.net.  Phone in the USA: 727-298-0411, fax number USA: 727-298-0464.

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