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New method to make water arsenic free

KURIGRAM, May 22 (BSS): A new and sustainable method to make water arsenic free was endorsed by several arsenic specialists here on May 17.

Hamidur Rahman 30, a goldsmith of Rajarhat Upazila Sadar, displayed his method to the arsenic specialists here in a ceremony at Kurigram Press Club, which was chaired by its President Shahabuddin.

In the demonstration, the specialists tested the water using NIPSON and MARK's methods and found no more arsenic in the sampled water which was contaminated up to 0.2 mg per liter and endorsed the technology.

Arsenic specialists, engineers, doctors, NGO officials, government officials, journalists and the audience highly appreciated the method invented by Hamidur Rahman.

Bangladesh Arsenic Mitigation Water Supply Projects and other concerned departments accepted it for further study to see whether this technology can be adopted nationally and internationally. One and a half inches diamete PVC pipe, costing Taka 25, is used to purify at least 200 litres of arsenic-contaminated water. If three inches diameter PVC pipe is taken, about 2,000 litres of water may be purified daily, Hamidur Rahman said. But he does not want to disclose the secret of the technology.

He wants to do more research work to save the arsenic-affected people from home and abroad by using this sustainable and cheap technology. (BSS)

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