Progress of Legal Actions Against BGS in the UK Courts

This page provides links to news articles, etc., about the progress of the lawsuit(s) being pursued by Bangladeshis against British Geological Survey in the UK legal system.  Originally, a class action suit was contemplated, but in the event an individual test case was put forward; a second individual case has also been filed as of this writing.  If these  lead cases are  successful, then further litigation will no doubt ensue.

Media Coverage

14 May 2003 Different strokes (editorial) - [India]Times News Network
12 May 2003 Raising a novel legal point by Sylvia Mortoza, NFB.
11 May 2003 British HC verdict: Each arsenic victim likely to get 5,000 New Nation (Bangladesh) [The statement made in the headline is, so far as I can tell, untrue, and the result of poor reporting of remarks made at a press conference by representatives of Bangladesh organizations with an interest in the lawsuit]
10 May 2003 Scientists facing action over Bangladesh water survey by Nikki Tait, FT Syndication Service
9 May 2003 Arsenic victims sue top science body by John Vidal for The Guardian 
8 May 2003

Arsenic victims win right to trial. BBC.

8 May 2003 NERC press release entitled "Bangladesh Claims - latest news"
8 May 2003 Leigh-Day press release entitled "High Court Victory For Bangladeshi Arsenic Victims"
7 May 2003 Two Bangladeshis file case against British organization in London: Arsenic case hearing begins - New Nation (Dhaka).
25 Mar 2003

Bangladesh arsenic case begins.  By Alastair Lawson BBC correspondent in Dhaka.

30 Sep 2001 Scientists sued over 'poisoning' by Sarah Spiller in Dhaka for The Observer (UK).
28 Aug 2002 BGS News Release: Bangladesh claims against the British Geological Survey
14 Aug 2002 BGS Briefing: Bangladesh claims against the British Geological Survey.
12 August 2002 Bangladeshis take British scientists to court over arsenic in drinking water by Robert Verkaik,  Legal Affairs Correspondent, Independent News (UK).
12 Aug 2002 Bangladeshis take British scientists to court over arsenic in drinking water.  By Robert Verkaik Legal Affairs Correspondent, The Independent (UK)
11 Oct 2001 Bangladeshis to sue over arsenic poisoning. News, Nature 413(6856).
27 July 2001 Arsenic victims get legal aid to sue scientists by Fred Pearce, Independent News (UK).
23 Feb 2001 UK-Based Body To Move Court For Justice To Arsenic Victims
19 Jan 2001 British scientists 'failed to check for arsenic risk,' by Steve Connor and Fred Pearce, Independent News (UK)

Organizations Involved

  • British Geological Survey
  • NERC
  • Leigh-Day
  • BIAN