Major International Media Coverage

BBC 8 May 2003

Arsenic victims win right to trial.

Radio Netherlands 6 May 2003

Arsenic threat in Bangladesh - online article by Bob Forsberg based on a feature by Sakil Faizullah.  Listen to the radio clip in English on Real Player. The Bangladesh story starts about 12 minutes into the clip.

BBC 25 March 2003

Bangladesh arsenic case begins.  By Alastair Lawson BBC correspondent in Dhaka.

Guardian (UK) May 2003

Arsenic victims sue top science body by John Vidal for The Guardian 9 May 2003.

Observer (UK) Sep 2002

Scientists sued over 'poisoning' by Sarah Spiller in Dhaka 30 Sep 2001.  

Independent News (UK) Aug 2002

Bangladeshis take British scientists to court over arsenic in drinking water by Robert Verkaik,  Legal Affairs Correspondent, 12 August 2002.

Independent News (UK) Jul 2001

Arsenic victims get legal aid to sue scientists by Fred Pearce, 27 July 2001.

Independent News (UK) Jan 2001

 "British scientists 'failed to check for arsenic risk,'" by Steve Connor and Fred Pearce

 "Death in a glass of water - scientists believe up to 30 million people in Bangladesh could be drinking water contaminated with lethal doses of arsenic. Who is to blame?," by Fred Pearce.

Independent News (UK) Oct 2000

Unseen and untold: the mass- poisoning of an entire nation by Peter Popham in Dhaka, 11 October 2000.

New Scientist Feb 2000 

Article by Fred Pearce, "Danger in Every Drop" appeared in the 12 Feb 2000 issue of New Scientist.  Unfortunately the article seems not to be online anymore.

Source Bulletin Oct 99 

Article on the launch of the national arsenic screening programme under the World Bank funded Bangladesh Arsenic Mitigation-Water Supply Project. 

BBC World: South Asia, 6 Oct 99

"Poison threat in Bangladesh". By Helen Sewell of BBC Science.

BBC & Sri Lanka Daily News, Jan 1999

"Bangladesh arsenic crisis: Arsenic causes potentially fatal tumours and respiratory problems. Tests on 50 000 tube wells in Bangladesh -- a source of water for 90 percent of the population -- have shown that around 40% are too contaminated with..." See this article at the BBC.

Source Water & Sanitation News, No. 39, mid Nov 1998

As this is written (17 Nov 98), Source has not yet webposted this article but intends to shortly - all issues are accessible from its home page. Source is a joint endeavour of the Water Supply and Sanitation Collaborative Council (WSSCC) and IRC International Water and Sanitation Centre.

Chemical & Engineering News Online Article, 16 Nov 1998

Wil Lepkowski's article can viewed online, via either (1) link to current week's issue (~16-21 Nov 1998 only) or (2) back issue search (after 21 Nov 1998).

National Public Radio, 10 Nov 1998

Listen to National Public Radio's five minute audio clip.

The New York Times & International Herald Tribune, 10 Nov 1998

Beary Bearak's article with photos by Altaf Hossain/Maatrik can be viewed online (this opens in a new window), after you log into their site. [User registration is free. To view this article only (let's respect their system), you can use login/password weinhc2/weinhc3.]

The Guardian, Two Part Series, 18 & 25 Feb 1998

A  fairly scathing pair of articles by Fred Pearce (Arsenic in the water (18 Feb) and On the poison trail 25 Feb) that evidently caused a bit of an uproar in the UK.  These used to be online in the Guardian archive, but as of Nov 99 I found the archive reorganized and searchable back only as far as Sep 98.

Lead Story, World Section, BBC Web Site, 9 Feb 1998

On the opening day of the Dhaka international arsenic conference, BBC ran an article on the crisis as the lead story for the World Section of their web site. Try the original URL, if that no longer works, try the search engine on the BBC news home page (or jump directly to search results for 'arsenic' + 'water' ).

Discovery Channel Canada, Aired 25 Feb 1998

A Discovery Channel story on the arsenic crisis aired in Canada on 25 February.  See the also 31 Jan 97 story by Wendy Gold at the DC website.

Recent major media coverage of arsenic crisis in India & Bangladesh