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Arsenic Poisoning in Bangladesh: End of A Civilization.  By Dr. Jamal Anwar.  Published by Palash Media and Publisher, Dhaka, May 2000. ISBN-984-460-035-9. 

Arsenic in Drinking Water. Subcommittee on Arsenic in Drinking Water, National Research Council, 1999.  330pp. "... evaluates epidemiological data on the carcinogenic and noncarcinogenic health effects of arsenic exposure of Taiwanese populations and compares those effects with the effects of arsenic exposure demonstrated in other countries—including the United States.  The book also reviews data on toxicokinetics, metabolism, and mechanism and mode of action of arsenic to ascertain how these data could assist in assessing human health risks from arsenic exposures. This volume recommends specific changes to improve the toxicity analyses and risk characterization. The implications of ... [the proposed reduction of] EPA’s current MCL for arsenic are also described."

Arsenic in Drinking Water (1999). Commission on Life Sciences. National Academy Press. [Whole book online] (I haven't figured out yet if this and the previous reference are to the same book ... could be.)

Arsenic - Exposure & Health Effects III, 1999.  Abernathy, Calderon, Chappell, eds.  Elsevier 440 pp.  Proceedings of the Society of Environmental Geochemistry and Health (SEGH) Third International Conference on Arsenic Exposure and Health Effects, San Diego, California, 12-15 July, 1998.  "The Third SEGH Conference continued the theme of global impact of arsenic. In addition, two new countries with significant arsenic problems, Inner Mongolia and Bangladesh, were represented. The Bangladesh problem could be larger than the one in West Bengal with a possible two-thirds of the population at risk. The conference also featured a session on mechanisms of cancer carcinogenesis. Several scientists presented their work on this important issue which is central to considerations of such questions as the shape of the dose-response curve at low doses. This latter issue was featured in the final session of the conference. Another session that was new and of great interest was on the treatment of victims of chronic arsenic poisoning."

Arsenic - Exposure & Health Effects. 1997. Abernathy, Calderon, Chappell, eds.  Chapman & Hall.  Proceedings of the Society of Environmental Geochemistry and Health (SEGH) Second International Conference on Arsenic Exposure and Health Effects.  "This book presents the most up-to-date summary of environmental arsenic problems worldwide, containing new reports on arsenic exposure in Thailand, Mongolia and China. It also presents papers on the arsenic problems in Central Europe, Asia and the USA. There are chapters describing the sources, pathways, toxicokinetics and toxicodynamics of arsenic in the environment, as well as the latest information on prevention, control and treatment of arsenic exposure. The latest work on epidemiologic studies of the reproductive, cardiovascular and neurologic effects of arsenic is presented here, along with papers on the cancer and non-cancer health effects of arsenic and drinking water treatment technology."  [NB - the Barnes & Noble listing states "Vol. 2", probably to distiguish it from the 1995 book (see next entry).]

Arsenic Exposure & Health. 1995. Chappell, Abernathy, Cothern, eds.  336pp. Proceedings of the Society of Environmental Geochemistry and Health (SEGH) First International Conference on Arsenic Exposure and Health Effects.  "Section 1: Methodology and Modeling. Hydrogeochemical Modeling to predict subsurface transport.  Modeling of diffuse-source nitrate transport beneath grazed leguminous pastures.  Section 2 : Case studies. Nitrates in groundwater in the southeastern USA.  Residual soil nitrate after application of nitrogen fertilizer to crops.  Effect of crops and fertilisation of crops and fertilisation regimes on the leaching of solutes in an irrigated soil.  Groundwater pollution in Australian regional aquifers.  Groundwater contamination from municipal landfills in the USA.  Aqueous behaviour of elements in a flue gas desulfurisation sludge disposal site.  Subsurface movement of polychlorinated biphenyls.  The value of research on health effects of inorganic ingested arsenic.  Human oral exposure to inorganic arsenic." etc.

Arsenic Removal by Enhanced Coagulation & Membrane Processes 1996. Hering & Elimelech.

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Selenium in Nutrition. Revised edition.  [Whole book online]

Occurrence & Pathways of Lead, Mercury, Cadium & Arsenic in the Environment: Scope 31 1987. Hutchinson &Meema (Eds.)

Environmental Chemistry of ArsenicEdited by: William T. Frankenberger. Print Published: 12/01/2001. Hard Cover. 410 pages. Illustrated. Print ISBN: 0- 8247-0676-5. Description: Highlights new developments in the transport kinetics, seasonal cycling, accumulation, geochemistry, transformation, and toxicology of arsenic.

Environmental Health Criteria 18: Arsenic 1981. WHO EHC series publication. Full text available online. 

Arsenic: Medical and Biological Effects of Environmental Pollutants (1977). Commission on Life Sciences. National Academy Press. [Whole book online]