About ACIC Membership

ACIC welcomes website visitors and email newsletter subscribers as members. Membership is open to organizations, projects, individuals, and students.  Suggested contribution levels are: 

  • International 
    • Organization or project - USD100/year
    • Individual - USD50/year
    • Student - USD15/year
  • Local (BGD/India) 
    • Organization or project - USD35
    • Individual - USD25
    • Student - USD10

ACIC can receive contributions by credit card (on- & offline), USD/CAD/BDT check, and in cash in Dhaka.  

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ACIC's Current Financial Objectives

  • To raise adequate funds to cover the out-of-pocket costs of website hosting
  • As of April/May 2003, ACIC and a Bangladeshi partner organization were seeking donor funding for site maintenance and newsletter production, to put the site on a sustainable financial footing.  We hope to have this funding in place by fourth quarter of 2003.